Friday, 14 June 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - This Disgraceful Practice

The Review is just a floor show. It is a disgrace.
While Neuberger plays out her role of impartial judge, lives are being placed at risk and continue to be lost.

While the LCP Review drags on, the LCP continues...

This is South London Press -

Mrs Flora, 71, who spent more than 30 years as a community worker at the Asian Resource Centre in Woolwich, said: “He saved my life and here I am now alive talking, laughing, eating and enjoying my life. I would really like to urge people to get a second opinion in these circumstances.”

Dr Flora said: “Mum had been admitted through A&E three days earlier. During the ward round Mum was examined and it was explained to me that the ventilator would be removed as this was prolonging suffering and that she would be put into palliative care.

“The hospital said that I should go and gather the relatives.”

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Posted by : Katie, Sussex | Wednesday 12/Jun/2013 | Report this comment
Join the campaign for a FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY into this awful ’treatment’ ..the liverpool death pathway....with evidence from the Government on oath, in Public....not this cosy, fake Kangaroo Court run by MrsNeubugger - if they can fool a Doctor with the consent process, you have NO CHANCE IF YOU’RE FROM AN ETHNIC MINORITY .....

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