Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - And Upon That Pathway We Do Tread

Upon that Pathway have we stepped, blithely, blindly…
And now do we reap the whirlwind we have sown.

Of course they will continue to practise. That is what the NMC does.

Of course they will keep their jobs. The patient was an 81 year old. She was suffering from that terminal illness from which so many LCP consignees are prone to suffer - old age!

In a culture where letting them go or helping them on their way might be seen as a kindness, CPR might also be perceived to be too burdensome, too intrusive to attempt.

In the Netherlands, that is the attitude. Every hospital has its death wards and euthanasia is rampant. It is a culture of death that pervades all thought and thinking; it is a matter of fact attitude to death that is commonplace and has been vigorously encouraged in the UK in recent years.

The Death with Dignity bandwagon has recently downsized CPR. Just read these pages.
Generally, however, CPR has a very low success rate and the burdens and risks of CPR include harmful side effects such as rib fracture and damage to internal organs; adverse clinical outcomes such as hypoxic brain damage; and other consequences for the patient such as increased physical disability. If the use of CPR is not successful in restarting the heart or breathing, and in restoring circulation, it may mean that the patient dies in an undignified and traumatic manner.GMC
"We've all got to die."

"Hello, EoLC..."
Julie Bailey, who started campaign group Cure the NHS after the death of her mother at Stafford, said she was disappointed with the verdicts. 
‘This sends a dangerous signal to those in the NHS that you can be responsible for someone’s death and get away with it,’ she said.      - Mail Online
This is exactly what the LCP permits...

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