Sunday, 9 June 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Province Of The Mighty

Heroic measures are not meant for the least of us, but are the province of the mighty...

Two venerable gentlemen, at opposite ends of the globe.

Gentleman 'a' has had four acute admissions to hospital within the space of two years requiring surgery.

Gentleman 'b' is back in hospital with a recurring lung infection.

Both venerable gentlemen are in their early 90s.

These gentlemen are both well known and in prominent positions in their respective countries.

Were they of the more common sort, like the rest of us, and receiving treatment on the NHS, they would, by now, have both been considered for and consigned upon the Pathway...

As so many of the more common sort have been.

We wish them both well, just as we wish all our old ones - in hospital or care home - the kindness, consideration and care which should be theirs...

Gentleman 'a' continues to cause concern but is 'comfortable'.

- News 24

Gentleman 'b' is in a 'serious but stable condition'.

- National Post

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