Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - The New Spectator Sport

The Roman Games kept the rebellious masses in awe of their masters. They had a political purpose.
What purpose does this serve?

Is this the descent of culture? 

Have the Ghouls sucked out our souls that this is now our entertainment?

Are these the sort who used to rush to watch the entertainment  at the public hangings at Tyburn or the guillotine at the Bastille?

Is this the new grim spectator sport, the spectacle of watching someone die?

The raison d’être of Johnnie Cash’s anti-hero to kill a man in Phoenix just to watch him die...

This is LifeSite News 

And the final word -
The Dutch Association for Voluntary End of Life said the documentary would become a teaching tool. 
“Young people need to become more conscious of the possibility of euthanasia,” they said.

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