Esther Ranthzen with Jimmy Savile in 1988
Esther was well aware of the “green room gossip”.
I have been deeply troubled this week by the sickening revelations of Jimmy Saville’s reign as a paedophile king and his abuse of vulnerable children that went unpunished during his lifetime. I only hope those affected can now find some solace now he has been outed.
As a passionate campaigner for the rights of those hurt by others in all walks of life I sincerely hope that all those affected get good representation in the fight for justice they now face. I am further sickened to the core by the fact that so many knew and did nothing, chief amongst them Esther Rantzen who has been all over the place in a sychophantic hand wringing stomach turning exhibition of her vile character.
She has now revealed that she was well aware of the “green room gossip” but chose to do nothing as she was a mere “minion” and would not be believed.