Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - For The Patient Who May Be Dying!

The LCP really is the LKP, a Licence to Kill People.
What else is it than that...?
It's the Euthanasia Bill that bypassed Parliament.

It's all so matter of fact. No-one's thinking straight. No-one's thinking...

And that's what they're counting on. It's all just slipped in under the radar.

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This is 
Cllr Ken Wyatt @kenwyatt (Councillor for Swinton & Kilnhurst; work in aspects of Criminal Justice Services; published author; film-maker & historian.)
Just heard that my elderly aunt maybe approaching the end of life; staying put in her curent home with Liverpool Care Pathway in place.

Well, that says it all, doesn't it? May be approaching the end of life...

Well, it is a CARE Pathway. Supposedly.

Perversely, no.

When caring is most required, it is withdrawn; when compassion is most wanted, it is found wanting.

Caring is an obligation upon the human condition. It is a privilege of service; it is a catharsis for the soul.

So the lady 'may be' approaching end of life. Well, that certainly will be the case with the LCP in place.


Spending some time with someone at the end of their life; she's comfortable, serene, aware of our love & with an appropriate pathway.

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