Monday, 24 June 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Dr. Death

The arch-demon of the pro-death advocacy has landed on these shores.
May common sense preserve us and keep us from harm...

Philip Nitschke has been detained at Gatwick...

Nitschke tweeted shortly after –

"Through, into promised land! Nitrogen regulators, Nembutal storage system and purity test kit returned! Exit UK #euthanasia workshop OK Tues"

Nitschke comes armed...!

ABC News 
Dr Nitschke says he was shocked when an immigration official told him he should not have been surprised at his detention because of what he does.
"I was a little taken aback by that statement because what I do is lobby for changing the law on voluntary euthanasia and giving people choices," he said.
"If that means that every time you come into a country like Britain it means you're going to be taken out of the queue, have officers waiting for you, be paged off the plane and then searched thoroughly because of what I do, it's a little bit disappointing."

This is Croydon Guardian -

Under Rule 43 of the Coroners Rules, Dr Palmer agreed to write to the Prime Minister urging him to consider action against assisted suicide sites. 
Mrs Boyle said: "This is the beginning, it is by no means the end. The fact the letter will be sent to David Cameron allows me to challenge his office directly." 
A charity called Kevoirdo's Big Love has been set up in Kevin's name and aims to become a one stop intervention for anyone in mental distress, particularly young men. 
Through its Facebook page those in serious distress can be directly referred to two support groups. 
Mrs Boyle said: "I am not arrogant enough to say we have all the answers, but I am arrogant enough to say we will do this and cut suicide rates." 
Describing her son, she added: "Kevin was an amazing young man, he could walk into a room and it would light up."
Kevin Boyle bought himself a suicide kit, perhaps, the very sort touted by your good self Dr. Nitschke?

Sir, briefly, what have you to say to Kevin's mum to explain and to defend her son's choice and to offer her solace...?

If we regard life as anything other than as something precious and to be preserved, then we diminish life, we render the culturally unthinkable both acceptable and 
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