Thursday, 13 June 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - NZ: Disbanding For Rebranding?

The National LCP Office NZ has been put on the Lazarus Care Pathway...
Preparing for rebranding?
Or preparing for the inevitable?

The National LCP Office NZ was established in November 2008 to coordinate the sustainable implementation of the LCP in New Zealand.

The National LCP Office NZ is closing.

The National Liverpool Care Pathway office, established in 2008, will have its funding cut on June 30.

National LCP Office
As above, so down under…

At Marlborough, the pathway is initiated when a GP confirms that a person is not responding to treatment and could be dying.
At the hospice, two days was the average time until death, but some people lived as long as 10 days. Sometimes a patient unexpectedly rallied, while others died without warning. 
"Recognising when someone is dying is not an exact science," said Mrs Bowden-Tucker. 
"The LCP is not euthanasia," she emphasised. "No attempt is made to either hasten or slow down death."
- The Marlborough Express

The closure of NZ LCP HQ does not mean the end of the LCP in NZ.

Arohanui means 'much love' in Maori. The love affair between Arohanui and Liverpool goes back to 2004 and is "collaborative and enduring".

LCP will continue to be followed in NZ...

Disbanding for rebranding, or making way for the inevitable?

This is TVnz News -

“Euthanasia is already being practised in NZ”

There is a “silent conspiracy on the part of the authorities”

As above, so down under...?

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