Thursday, 6 June 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - No More Is There A Moral Gravity To Provide Direction

If this happened anywhere else or to anyone else than in an NHS hospital to an elderly person, there would be outrage.
Where is this outrage...? 

Compensation and damages payments demanded of the hybridised NHS are paid out of public money. What punishment is there for the perpetrators? But then, it is all about 'learnings' isn't it and not about justice...?

Still, why should the public have to pay, at source as a taxpayer, at supply as a consumer, and through the legal system via these awards?

We are the judicial victim whatever, either by physical injury or by financial injury: by physical injury to our person or by financial injury to our pocket.

Mail Online

University Hospitals of Leicestershire NHS Trust has now admitted that Mrs Spilner died due to renal failure caused by dehydration and paid her family an undisclosed out-of-court settlement.

During Mrs Spilner’s stay in hospital her daughter noticed there was no water jug next to her mother’s bed – and was told it had broken and there were no spares.

What, enough funds to cough up for drivers, but nothing spare for water jugs...?

Even Mid-Staffs provided vases!

This dear lady had survived a century of change.

She had lived through two world wars, a cold war and seen umpteen prime ministers come and go.

This dear lady endured the hardships and dangers of the National Socialist onslaught on these shores in WWII...
It took a National-socialist Health Service onslaught upon her person in denying her access to what is, quite plainly and simply, the basis of all life on this planet - water! That, she could not endure and, thus, was her life taken.

A one off incident may be said to be an accident.

Several incidents may be said to be negligent.

Might the veritable flood of incidents that have occurred in recent years  actually be design...?

According to the Office for National Statistics, hundreds of hospital patients are dying of dehydration each year.

The figures reveal that dehydration was a contributing factor in 812 deaths and the cause of a further 155 deaths in 2010. That is an increase of 20% on the previous year when only 130 people died as a result of dehydration. Only...

From 2000 – 2010, the total number of deaths caused by dehydration reached 1,338.

Was that through use of the LCP...?

In 2009, The Telegraph reported on "Cruel and neglectful" care of one million NHS patients -

Claire Rayner, President of the Patients Association and a former nurse, said: “For far too long now, the Patients Association has been receiving calls on our helpline from people wanting to talk about the dreadful, neglectful, demeaning, painful and sometimes downright cruel treatment their elderly relatives had experienced at the hands of NHS nurses.

“I am sickened by what has happened to some part of my profession of which I was so proud.

"These bad, cruel nurses may be - probably are - a tiny proportion of the nursing work force, but even if they are only one or two percent of the whole they should be identified and struck off the Register.”
Ms Rayner said it was by "sad coincidence" that she trained as a nurse with one of the patients who had "suffered so much".

She went on: "I know that she, like me, was horrified by the appalling care she had before she died.

"We both came from a generation of nurses who were trained at the bedside and in whom the core values of nursing were deeply inculcated."

Katherine Murphy, Director of the Patients Association, said “Whilst Mid Staffordshire may have been an anomaly in terms of scale the PA knew the kinds of appalling treatment given there could be found across the NHS. This report removes any doubt and makes this clear to all. Two of the accounts come from Stafford, and they sadly fail to stand out from the others.

“These accounts tell the story of the two percent of patients that consistently rate their care as poor (in NHS patient surveys).

"If this was extrapolated to the whole of the NHS from 2002 to 2008 it would equate to over one million patients. Very often these are the most vulnerable elderly and terminally ill patients. It’s a sad indictment of the care they receive.”

The Patients Association said one hospital had threatened it with legal action if it chose to publish the material.

Sign the pledge

“I want to make it clear that every woman, man and child should, could and must have access to clean, safe water as a basic human right.”


  1. Please post up this story - it concerns Professor David Albert Jones and how he is getting the Catholic Church behind the Liverpool Care Pathway. Story here:
    Pass it on - this scandal needs to be known about.

    1. Hi Timon,

      I agree, John Smeaton's post was informative and well-written as always.

      You may be interested in these two blog posts re: Jones' submission to the LCP review: