Thursday, 13 June 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - No More Time For 'Learnings'

Justice has dragged its feet, sorely and with reluctance moved! But mark this: how do the mills of justice grind slowly they do grind exceeding fine...

But mark this:

   This is Wanda Maddocks talking about her dad -
‘When we visited him in care, he was lethargic and depressed. I’m sure he was drugged up for a lot of it. But here, he was free, he was Dad again.’
   Wanda was thrown in one of Britain's nastier gaols for
   attempting to rescue her beloved father from this sort
   of neglect.

May we expect similar punishments for the perpetrators of this neglect...?

A report from Mid Staffs: 

 Mail Online  
Police launch probe into up to 300 deaths caused by NHS neglect at Mid-Staffs

Jail threat to staff at death scandal hospital: Police probe 300 cases of 'criminal neglect'

Assistant chief constable Nick Baker said: ‘Between 2005 and 2009, there were 4,253 deaths at Stafford Hospital. However, we’ve identified between 200 and 300 cases where alleged neglect may have contributed to a patient’s death and they are being thoroughly reviewed.’
He said the force and the Health and Safety Executive ‘are examining whether or not there’s any new information which has come to light which could lead to a previous criminal investigation being re-opened, or to an entirely new investigation’.

He continued: ‘Our next step will be to establish if there’s any realistic potential for criminal charges and prosecution.

‘This is a complex, large-scale review which needs to be detailed, thorough and sensitive. At this stage we cannot be clear about timescales, but we do anticipate that this will take many months.’

Emma Jones, a solicitor at Leigh Day – a firm representing more than 100 victims’ families – said: ‘That there is enough evidence for possible charges in 200 to 300 cases is serious, as neglect is very difficult to prove.

Death rates in Bucks hospitals are to be investigated...

Dursley mother alleges neglect at Vale Community Hospital

The Gazette reports -

Tracy Ackroyd, from Springfields, believes Joan Ackroyd, 78, was neglected by staff in her three week stay at the hospital after being diagnosed with lung cancer, and said she only found out she was on the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) programme minutes before she died on November 9, 2012.
The programme aims to help doctors and nurses provide the best care for dying patients and will consider stopping treatment, comfort measures and whether to stop giving them food and fluids, with the protocol that the patient is consulted if possible or their family.

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