Monday, 27 May 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Subject Matter For Your Next Life Cafe

Death comes calling at your door... 
So, what do you do, just give up the ghost quietly or stick your fingers up and put up a fight...?

There are uplifting, inspiring stories to tell at your local Life Cafe. Not one locally..? Then, consider starting one.

Life Cafe, a place for open discussion around - life.

It can be informal, at home, a place to inspire and be inspired, to tell inspiring stories, like this one -

Debbie decided to postpone the nuptials, and, determined to walk down the aisle, began learning to walk again on prosthetic legs.

Twelve months on, inspirational Debbie finally said 'I do' in front of hundreds of her friends and family after proving doctors wrong and fighting to tie the knot.

Debbie said: 'It's been a marvellous day, very tiring, but worth it.

'I was a bit nervous, but because people were all be looking at me, not because I thought I'd fall.

Mail Online 

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  1. I have no doubt the parasites who support the Liverpool Care Pathway will be waiting, however long it takes, next time unfortunately she might not be so lucky.

    But agreed where there is life there is hope and why should we take their word for it, when their word is based on nothing more than a gamblers best shot, which is nothing more than supposition and guess work. Such is debacle of NHS palliative care.