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Liverpool care Pathway - Another Stafford...?

When trust is not trust when it is a Trust, when care is not care when it is a Pathway and nice is not nice when it is the NICE...

Mother, Bella, had her life taken at Stafford Hospital.

And daughter, Julie Bailey, set out to 'cure' the NHS.

Mother, Bella, laid to rest, has had her grave desecrated.

Still, Julie Bailey genuinely believes the NHS can be 'cured'.

Then fiction is become faction and K has changed his name to Winston Smith.

There must be genuine, responsible and devoted healthcare workers at Stafford who still view their jobs as a vocation and a chance to 'make a difference'. They must look upon such a vile and disrespectful act with that same disgust they once reserved for those colleagues whose litany of vile acts are recorded in the investigation of what happened at Stafford.

The Express 
Each death is someone’s  husband,

wife, mother, father or child

Julie Bailey, Cure the NHS
They must permit that disgust to erupt into an anger against those vile perpetrators who stand amongst them and hide, cowering in their giant shadows. These few good men and women must take courage and give them up and turn them over for prosecution for what they have done and what they may yet do.

Yes, blame the managers. There are too many chiefs and not enough indians. And when you write to a hospital and are told to address your letter to 'The Business Partner' or 'The Managing Director' that only underlines that fact!

But those chiefs are responsible and to be held to account for the situation which developed and permitted these cruel acts to take place; they are not responsible for carrying them out.

Those who carried out those vile acts, whether by omission or by commission, cannot shrug off responsibility for what they did.

Bella was afraid of the staff.

Those genuine, responsible and devoted healthcare workers at Stafford who do view their jobs as a vocation and a chance to 'make a difference' must make that difference and report those colleagues who have brought shame  and disrepute and condemnation down upon them.

Birmingham Mail

What other Staffords are there out there?

What once mattered was the reality of the care. What now matters is the image of the brand.

The Mirror reports -

The report concluded: “Patients had not received care, treatment or support that met their needs. There were not enough qualified and experienced staff. People were not protected from the risks of unsafe or inappropriate care and treatment because accurate records were not maintained.”
The report also puts further pressure on outgoing NHS boss David Nicholson. Patients’ groups reacted with fury last week when it emerged the former manager of Stafford Hospital will leave with a £2million pension pot.
The two-day spot check on Cumberland Infirmary in March is one of a string the Commission will carry out in the next few months.
Chris Platton of North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We are taking urgent steps to ensure appropriate actions are taken.”
Shadow Health Minister Andrew Gwynne said: “The report by Robert Francis into Mid Staffordshire made over 200 recommendations, but the Government has delayed implementation. Jeremy Hunt needs to get a grip.”
Perhaps, John Reid began to lose it. Perhaps, Patricia Hewitt and Alan Johnson totally lost it... Had they had a grip, perhaps Mid-Staffordshire would not have happened...

Chronicle Live
These are the killing wards:
The widow of a college lecturer has demanded an inquest into his death. 
Patricia Heard’s husband George was admitted to Rake Lane Hospital, in North Tyneside, in June last year complaining of uncontrollable shaking and jerking. 
Despite efforts in intensive care, the 65-year-old, from Cramlington, Northumberland, died in July 2012 more than a month after he was diagnosed with a “severe infection”. 
In a four-page document submitted to Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Mrs Heard has now demanded answers and claimed her husband did not receive the treatment he required. 
Jim Mackey, the trust’s chief executive, replied saying his members of staff had carried out a “thorough investigation” but indicated the nurses had done everything in Mr Heard’s best interests. 
Since her husband’s death, Mrs Heard has written to a coroner to give her account of her husband’s treatment in hospital and is calling for a full investigation into his death. 
She has also contacted clinical negligence solicitors TLW Solicitors.
News & Star
These are our hospitals:

Forty-year-old Michael Parke, from Gote Road in Cockermouth, died in the hospital in Whitehaven on December 6. The force was alerted to the death by the coroner, David Roberts, the next day.
No details of how Mr Parke died have been released. 
His cousin, Ross Parke, said the family did want to say anything about the investigation. He was not prepared to say why Mr Parke was in the hospital. 
When an inquest was opened into Mr Parke’s death last year no cause of death was listed. 
News of the police probe comes after it was revealed last month that a national health team is expected to come to the West Cumberland and Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle to investigate their “higher-than-expected death rates”. 
Last year, North Cumbria Hospitals University NHS Trust had the second-highest mortality figures using the Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio (HSMR). Now a ‘rapid review team’ is being brought in to support the trust – which runs the hospitals – in a bid to get the numbers down. 
The action, and similar intervention at 13 other trusts across the country, comes in the wake of the Mid Staffordshire health scandal where poor care led to 1,200 needless deaths. 
However, the north Cumbria trust started looking into death rates last year after the Dr Foster research group revealed it was one of 12 in the country with death rates higher than expected.
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These Trusts deserve no trust.

The only care they have to offer is on a Care Pathway applauded and lauded by NICE

...and the impossibility of the surreal is only too real.

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