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Liverpool Care Pathway - She's An Upsized Girl!

A DJ at 91...
Isn't it time to think about putting the glass down...?
Hello, EoLC…! 

This is Mail Online -

When the glass is half full, you don't need to be told it's half empty.

NPR here reports on having 'that conversation' -

Bedside Manner: Conversations With Patients About Death
May 06, 2013 1:00 PM

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Talk of the Nation     30 min 19 sec

Dr. Pauline Chen, writes the "Doctor and Patient" column for the New York Times Well blog
Dr. Beth Lown, medical director, Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare Doctors often struggle with conversations about death — navigating the murky waters of when and how to convey the risks of procedures and prospects for life expectancy. When doctors are less than forthcoming, out of sensitivity or haste, difficult situations become even more complex.
The problem arises when you have a death protocol set in place and a team of dedicated deadicated and ardent apostles intent on setting that protocol in place.

They more often succeed in that intent -

Because this stated 'care' is a cold and calculating way to kill the elderly and babies, with no thought for their own welfare - and none for that of their close friends and relatives. Also it was used on 18 April 2004 to murder my father, Ralph Winstanley. It took from 18 April until 23 April 2004 to enforce this gruesome death - and all with no food nor fluid. It took a man who was upright, walking, standing, sitting, eating, drinking – all with no help - and assaulted him with increasingly heavy drugs loads, until he became unconscious. That took three days. He was then kept unconscious for a further three days until he was dead, in spite of my protestations that he had not been dying. This was done at his home in Doncaster

They may be foiled in that intent -

Mail Online 

...although those who defy the doctors may risk prosecution!

Being positive is always a fillip.

Conversation Projects and One Percents

You don't need conversations about downsizing expectations...

You don't need doctors advising and counselling you to see the glass half empty and not the glass half full; to downsize your options and not expect expensive curative treatments. You don't need to be added to one-percent lists.

“Hello, EoLC…!”

Being positive is always a fillip!

Defy the odds!

Come on, go for the bucket list!

Margaret Leigh-Jones took up DJing aged 91 and presents her two-hour programme on Angel Radio.

She says: "I was a little nervous getting behind the microphone at first but now I love it, and don't want to give up. It gives me a real buzz, and helps me stay feeling young.'

Life is precious - Living matters!

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