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Liverpool Care Pathway - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Diabolical

The arrogant are made ever more arrogant in their resolve by the persistent belief that it is for them to determine what is and what is not 'quality of life'.

They have set themselves up as judge and executioner by taking it upon themselves to condemn to death those they have selected as possessing a life not worthy of life.

Doctors gave Lady Jane Campbell a year to live when she was born. Seven years ago they put a DNR notice on her medical records, as if her life was not worth living.
"I was very young when I realised that things weren't right in the world. I went to a special school, segregated. In those days, you didn't educate disabled children very much.
"I left school with no qualifications, hardly able to read and write. I was 16. But I was quite intelligent. I was very lucky - a college for disabled students had just been opened in Coventry. I did six O-levels and three A-levels in three years. That's how hungry I was."
She met her husband Graham Ingleson in Coventry; they married when she was 27. He had haemophilia, and at that time young people with his condition were not considered for mainstream education. He contracted HIV from a blood transfusion; they found out six weeks before the wedding. "He was wonderful, my rock in life. It's now 15 years since he died," says Campbell. "I've had an extraordinary life." 
 - Baroness Campbell
Her life has been a history of struggle and struggles. She has never flinched from her cause to defend and to protect the rights of the disabled. Today, those who have set themselves up to make such decisions would don their black caps to pronounce sentence.

A veritable caped crusader, she has stood firm against each assault 

Sure and steadfast in her purpose, she has campaigned and challenged; she has faced and confronted all obstacles and impediments thrown in her path. She has seen clearly and keenly and been true to her purpose.

The faint-hearted and the most able of us - those who consider ourselves, perhaps, to be able of body and mind - daunted, would have succumbed long ago..

Her life is an example to us all.

Her life is a remarkable testament to the fact that you cannot make assumptions and value judgements upon 'quality of life'.

The Dark is Rising

The Dark Lord from Castle Foul, once more, presses his campaign.

Twice before, his petition to the mighty of the land has been rejected. For a third time, his death standard raised, he marches forth. His battle cry is echoed round the world, in State and in Territory.

War-weary, the good soldier who has valiant been must lead her troops from behind...
Disabled peer steps back from fighting ‘horror’ of third bid to legalise assisted suicide 
Baroness [Jane] Campbell has been campaigning for 12 years against efforts to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide, and has played a leading role in the user-led campaign group Not Dead Yet UK. 
But she told Disability News Service this week that her health could not take yet another lengthy campaign on such a “dark, difficult” subject. 
Her decision to take a “back seat” role in the anti-legalisation campaign came after the Labour peer Lord Falconer – a former lord chancellor – published his latest private member’s bill. 
This time, he wants to legalise assisted suicide for terminally-ill adults who are expected to live no more than six months. 
- dns

A dark power is rising.

An insidious force, relentless in its determination, it raises its Hydra head once more to press its purpose.

It grows ever more confident in its resolve.

Just last year, the accusation that the elderly were viewed as 'bed blockers' was dismissed.

Just last year, recommendations were published in a report to the effect that expressions such as "bed blockers" to describe those waiting to be discharged from hospital should not be used because they imply that older people are a burden.

A crisis pitch has been reached.

This is The Telegraph headline from last week -

Minister: NHS will collapse if elderly bed blocking continues

Clearly, as far as Mr. Lamb is concerned, the elderly are a burden...

The elderly are to be cleared from the wards to have their care expectations downsized. The Commissioners are working with local authorities in this respect.

This is LGiU (Local Government Information Unit) -

Civil Society Innovation

A Good Death: the role of the local authority in end of life care


Few of us like to talk about dying. Despite the fact that death is a universal prospect for all of us, we often shy away from discussing the topic – uncomfortable to share our fears, let alone our hopes or expectations.
We do know, however, that most of us would prefer to die at home. Research shows that 70 per cent of adults would like to be cared for and die in their own home [1]. But the great majority of us still die in hospital, and only two out of ten are able to remain in their homes in their final days.
Whilst in recent years there has been progress within the health sector, with the NHS publishing its End of Life Care Strategy in 2008, the engagement of local authorities has been more mixed. This is significant because many local authority services, such as social care and housing, are crucial components when delivering high quality end of life care.
With this in mind, we recently published a report with Home Group, A Good Death: the role of the local authority in end of life care (PDF document), which examines the role of local authorities in end of life care provision and considers how councils can best develop their part in this important service provision.

The Ugly Face of the Pro-Death Advocacy

A dark power is clamouring to be heard that shouts down the mild voices of reason and common decency..

"Dr Death" Philip Nitschke has tweeted, 7th May 2013:
@philipnitschke  "Finally! MaxDog #euthanasia Nitrogen arrives in Perth. A system that provides a peaceful, totally undetectable death"  
What can this mean...?

exit international

This is a system that provides a "totally undetectable death".

This murderous tool can be used to murder. Is this man not merely beyond the restraint of decency but also the restraint of law...?

The Diabolical Face of the Pro-Death Advocacy

Q: When is the LCP not the LCP?

A: When it’s a Dying Room.

The child's name is Mei Ming. A beautiful name...

It means No Name...

The Dying Rooms 

Uploaded on 9 Mar 2009
Universal Declaration of Human rights. Article 16 would make orphanges like this go out of business as no one would be forced to give up a child

The below link details how these were created and who signed them China is prominent in creation and signing

The Dying Rooms 1-4

This video was shot in 1995 but has only gotten worse since it was shot. Please write your representatives and urge them to not deal with China as long as they allow baby girls (And some boys) to be treated as if they were yesterdays garbage to be tossed out with the rest. These are human beings folks.

Also through out this video they discuss how even Chinese women are forced to have abortions as late as 9 months and detail how this occurs and also be sterilized without consent. This is the same thing that is happening inside Tibet and this too must come to a grinding halt. Please again write your representatives and urge them to never ever deal with China for monetary gain as long as human life's and being treated like this.

These are human beings people and this sort of thin has NO place in a civilized world.

Thank you for watching and please share this video with all your friends. Make them see the abuses of China and the CCP!

Girl children like Mei Ming are removed to a side room – the dying room – and all food and hydration is stopped. Sedatives are used when they won’t go quietly...

When your loved one is taken off into a side room, you now know that room has a name: it is the dying room.

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