Saturday, 25 May 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - And A Life Not Worthy Of Life

At times of economic austerity, the cost of keeping the disabled has to be weighed in the balance...
The stage is set...

There is a frightening attitude gaining ground once more that, just 70 and more years ago, was just another ugly face of what became known as the Holocaust.

"“I believe there are things that are worse than having [such] a child die. And one of them is that it might live.”" Liverpool Care Pathway - And "Hastening Death"

What say you Cllr. Collin Brewer?

Report into Basildon hospital condemns ‘service failure’ - video

The Guardian

This is what a life is like for a parent with a child with a disability. You are fighting all the time, in addition to caring for your children. I had two children with disabilities. Now I only have one.
Tina died in Basildon hospital in 2009 from aspiration pneumonia. Today, the NHS ombudsman says in a report that mistakes by an out-of-hours GP service and a hospital contributed to her death.

- The Guardian

Forgive me if I fail to join the national worship of the NHS. Mencap has been campaigning to prevent these deaths, logging at least 100 cases over the past six years. The charity blames poor communication with parents and carers as the main cause – but it has concluded that the only explanation for so many preventable deaths is prejudice. Doctors and nurses reflect views prevalent across society that people with profound disabilities are second-class citizens, their lives not worth saving. Imagine the furore if any other minority group was dying in such numbers.

There is a shameful failure to understand that every life is different yet all have the same value. This is the fumbling bigotry – and that is the only word for it – that emerges when people tell a grieving parent their son or daughter is perhaps better off dead. This is the starker bigotry that explains the rise in hate crime, the reluctance of employers to hire people with disabilities, the resurgence of eugenics. It explains why disabled people live under a form of apartheid, for all the hot air around the Paralympics.

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