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Liverpool Care Pathway - The Nuremberg Defence!

The worst of all possible worlds: a State-funded Health Service run as a for-profit business controlled by a triumvirate of Public, Private and 'Third Sector'.

The concept of the Free Hospitals and associations set up by and owned by their members, and even the NHS at its inception, were noble ideas.

Early beneficial associations were similar to the English friendly societies, which first appeared in the 1500s. Working people organized these clubs to provide sickness and death benefits for members. Several fraternal societies established branches in the United States and Canada in the early 1800s.

The Ancient Order of United Workmen, founded in 1868, was the first beneficial association to pay substantial death benefits. Other groups that followed its model were soon created. These early associations and societies furnished life insurance to members whose income was so low they could not have otherwise obtained insurance benefits. In addition, many of these associations provided companionship and social activities for their members.
[The Free Dictionary]

We have personal experience of the NHS (National-socialist Health Service).

We have personal experience of the utterly ineffectual PHSO (Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman).

This is The Guardian -

In his report in February into Mid Staffs, Robert Francis QC said the trust's board bore much of the blame for the poor care that contributed to an estimated 400 to 1,200 deaths between 2005 and 2009. "The board lacked an awareness of the reality of care being provided to patients" and did not respond to "warning signs indicating poor care" because it gave complaints too little weight, he said.

The Express reports - 

Peter Walsh, of pressure group Action Against Medical Accidents, said the death toll was a “shocking indictment” of the ineffectiveness of the official regulator. He added: “For years concerns have been ignored and the consequence is that more lives have been lost.

“There needs to be an overhaul of the Care Quality Commission so that we don’t have this happen again. Some of these trusts have had higher mortality rates than Stafford ­Hospital and yet they have been able to carry on returning these mortality figures without being challenged.”
Julie Bailey, who founded Cure The NHS which exposed the scandal at Stafford Hospital five years ago, said: “Each death is someone’s husband, wife, mother, father or child.”
Teams appointed earlier this year by Sir Bruce will examine the trusts’ mortality rates only over the past two years. Professor Jarman’s analysis is based on the number of deaths in a hospital compared with the national average, adjusted for age, diagnosis and social conditions.
He said: “This data is a trigger to ask hard questions and examine whether the quality of care is falling short and immediate action should be taken. Trust managers and clinicians should not stop until they are satisfied the issues have been effectively dealt with.”
Each death is someone’s husband, wife, mother, father or child
Julie Bailey, Cure the NHS
Emma Stones, 12, died of blood poisoning at Tameside Hospital, Manchester, after developing flu complications in 2011. The coroner said it was likely she would have survived were it not for “inadequate” treatment. Tameside Hospital insisted it was working with Sir Bruce to understand the “complex factors underpinning” high mortality data.
Relatives of 80-year-old Monica Glover say she died “a horrible and undignified death” in 2011 at Scunthorpe General Hospital. Northern Lincolnshire and Goole trust said: “We have a mortality rate improvement programme which is having a positive impact.” Last night the Care Quality Commission said: “The CQC requires hospitals to assure us that action is being taken to address any issues of poor care.”
The 14 trusts under investigation are Basildon and Thurrock, Dudley Group, Blackpool, Lincolnshire, George Eliot in Nuneaton, Medway, Burton, Colchester, Tameside, East Lancashire, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole, Sherwood Forest, Buckinghamshire, and North Cumbria.

Julie Bailey reports on Cure the NHS that she has been the subject of a hate campaign -

A friend called me today telling me that someone named Stephen Gullick had added a review on Amazon about my book- a very hurtful review but I thought it is the readers right to review a book they have purchased. But then I realised that the name was familiar with me and when I looked through my emails I realised that this man is probably the same man who sent me a series of emails which I have attached below. I also remember contacting the police about this man because of comments he was putting on a facebook site. There was nothing they could do to help me and he obviously continues his campaign against me
This is something we have had to put up with for four years now and I have reached a point where I have had enough of it. Its time to start exposing these people
Received 05/11/11
Well, it looks very much like Stafford is to lose the A&E department at Stafford Hospital.
So, a big thank-you to Julie Bailey and her ‘Cure the NHS’ and to Staffordshire Newsletter, both of whom launched a determined and, obviously, successful campaign to get ‘something done’ about Stafford Hospital. Well done, something has now ‘been done’ – and believe me, it’s just the start.
I hope the campaigners for this action do not have the occasion to seek emergency help as the extended trip to Stoke or Wolverhampton for A&E could well cost them their life.
Well done Julie Bailey – I hope you are proud of yourself.
From: Steve Gullick
I can only conclude that you are very pleased with your cure for Stafford DGH. Well done! You have now ensured many more Staffordians WILL die thanks to your misplaced anger and grief! Very sorry for your loss but inflicting that same pain on others by proxy is not the way to go about it.
Once again congratulations on a campaign well fought I will ensure that the name Julie Bailey is on the lips of every man, woman and child that has to endure the suffering of losing a loved one due to the closure of Staffords A&E dept. £3million spent on a meaningless “enquiry” could well have been spent on medicine and doctors for our A&E dept. You and your poorly thought through campaign have ensured that money has been directed away from vital facilities at our hospital. A hospital that has saved lives of my family. Please abandon your campaign before any more damage is done. Many more lives will be lost in vain if this ridiculous campaign continues. Rest assured I will be in constant contact regarding this very dire issue.
Yours in hope,
Andrew Gullick
I am dismayed that I have not received an acknowledgment for my message yesterday.
However, a question for your campaign. If the shocking and terrifying M5 disaster had occurred on the M6 between J13 and J14. At a similar time to the M5 crash (approximately 8.30pm) and Stafford DGH has had it A&E dept closed or working at limited capacity. How many lives do you think would be lost needlessly?
I realise the reason behind the proposed closure is down to cost. The unrelenting attack on our Hospital has now cost around £3,000,000. I believe this money would have been better spent on Doctors and Nurses. What does your campaign think?
I realise that there were problems at Stafford DGH and there should be answers given. Has this now gone on long enough? The hospital is changing you have won!
Perhaps you are not yet sated. I suggest the oncology dept should be the next target, or perhaps the childrens ward.
People will always die in a hospital, sometimes these deaths are avoidable. Doctors and nurses are human beings and will make errors from time to time. Especially when being driven by targets enforced by unthinking managers. I am curious to know whether you believe that the Doctors and Nurses at SDGH entered into their profession to help people or whether it was for the money? I doubt Nurses do it for the cash really I do.
The image of our Hospital has been forever tarnished now. What is it you require for victory in this campaign. So far it seems that you are intent on destroying the NHS. I hope this is wrong but I fear the worst.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Andrew Gullick

Messrs Steve and Andrew Gullick accuse Julie Bailey of wanting to destroy the NHS. No, Julie actually believes it is possible to salvage something from this totally corrupt and corrupted health service. Hence, the name of her campaign - Cure the NHS.

It is my personal belief that this National-socialist Health Service is now beyond redemption. And the attitude of these gentlemen is proof enough of that for me.

Steve, Andrew, if there are any genuine, responsible and devoted healthcare workers left who still view their jobs as a vocation and a chance to 'make a difference', please redirect your anger against those vile perpetrators who stand amongst them and hide, cowering in their giant shadows. Encourage these few good men and women to give them up and turn them over for prosecution for what they have done and what they may yet do.

Yes, blame the managers. There are too many chiefs and not enough indians. And when you write to a hospital Trust and are told to address your letter to 'The Business Partner' that only underlines that fact!

But those chiefs are responsible and to be held to account for the situation which developed and permitted these cruel acts to take place; they are not responsible for carrying them out.

Those who carry out vile acts, whether by omission or by commission, cannot shrug off responsibility for what they do. That is the Nuremberg defence!

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