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Liverpool Care Pathway - The Great Snatch 'N Grab Robbery

Like mediaevel Robber Barons in days of olde, but these are armed with the warrant of the Mental Capacity Act and empowered by the State.

They set their sights on the vulnerable and the weak to pillage, steal  and stash away, and determine matters of life and death and outcomes in personal as well as financial affairs.

The arrogant are made more arrogant.

This is frightening. This is not protection; it is a protection racket. The mob would be proud...

"A secret court is seizing the assets of thousands of elderly and mentally impaired people and turning control of their lives over to the State - against the wishes of their relatives."

The secret hoard the secret court has creamed off -

This is treasure trove...

This is Mail Online -

Mail Online

Allegations include claims that:
  • The court’s officials frittered away people’s money by charging exorbitant fees;
  • Officials have raided homes in search of documents and read private emails;
  • The billions controlled by the court are being used to offset the national debt through an arm of the Treasury.
This is not news. 

Mail Online reported this four years ago -

Mail Online

Children's author Heather Bateman was forced to get permission from the court to use family funds after an accident left her journalist husband Michael in a coma.

In a moving account of her family's ordeal in Saga magazine, she wrote: 'Michael and I were two independent working people. We had been married for 28 years. We had written our wills, both our names were on the deeds of the house we shared in London and the Norfolk cottage we had renovated over the years.

'We had separate bank accounts and most of the bills were paid from Michael's account. Now, to continue living in the way we always had done, I needed to access the money in his account.

'The Court of Protection brought me almost as much anger, grief and frustration into my life as the accident itself. [It is] an alien, intrusive, time-consuming and costly institution, which was completely out of tune with what we were going through. It ruled my waking moments and my many sleepless nights.'

Can this be happening in our fair land. These acts are more reminiscent of the Stasi...

"Sunita Obhrai's mother Pushpa has lived in council-run sheltered housing for 15 years. About two years ago, the 76-year-old widow started to become forgetful and once left the oven on, and the fire brigade had to be called.

Miss Obhrai claims that without her knowledge the local authority, Buckinghamshire County Council, were appointed to run her mother's affairs.

She said: 'They took over running my mother's bank account and charged her over £1,000 a year in fees, and all they were doing was ensuring her rent and utility bills were paid by direct debit.

'She is given just £20 a week pocket money. Council officials even came and searched her flat while she was asleep in her bedroom. They told me they had to retrieve documents so they could do their job. But someone should have been with my mother. It is unbelievable that they can behave in this way.'

Early this year Miss Obhrai applied to the court to take over from the local authority and oversee her mother's finances herself. But the court rejected her appeal."

These vultures need their wings clipped now, else Mail Online will be reporting this in another four years hence!

Mail Online

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has asked for a review into the dealings of the Court of Protection following the Mail's highlighting of the Maddocks case.

A review...

Another review...?

And the court is to step out of the shadows...

Mail Online

New instructions for judges will lay down that no one should be sentenced to prison for contempt of court behind closed doors.

Wanda was seized by police and court officers while visiting her beloved father and carted off to Gaol.

New instructions and a review...!

So, in future, folk like Wanda Maddocks, who stand up and defiantly defend their loved ones, will be jailed openly and not in secret. How comforting.

So, where, where are the human rights lawyers who defend the rights of terrorists to remain in this fair land? Is there no clamour from them to defend the human rights of our own innocent citizens?

So, when, when, when are the perpetrators in our hospitals who have caused and continue to cause misery, grievous harm, even death, going to brought to account?

Following the publication of the Francis report on 6 February police have come under pressure to investigate poor care at the trust, including from health secretary Jeremy Hunt who said the evidence should be reviewed.
Today, Staffordshire assistant chief constable Nick Baker met with the Crown Prosecution Service and the Office of the Police Crime Commissioner where the issue was discussed.
Following the meeting Mr Baker said: “Staffordshire Police will be reviewing information brought to light by the Francis Inquiry in order to identify whether there is any potential for criminal charges.
Maggie Oldham, deputy chief executive at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust, said this afternoon: “We are sorry about the events of the past and sadly, we cannot undo them or the harm that some of our patients and their relatives suffered as a result of terrible care when they were at their most vulnerable. However it is not representative of the care patients receive at Stafford Hospital today.
“We will of course co-operate fully with any police investigation.”
Nursing Times

A criminal investigation has begun into the death of a diabetic woman at scandal-hit Stafford Hospital, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has said.

The HSE said the decision to pursue the investigation into Astbury's death was deferred until the conclusion of the public inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, which found as many as 1,200 patients needlessly died between 2005 and 2009 due to "appalling" failures of care.

The Guardian


One thousand two hundred needless deaths. Appalling failures.

Sorry can be a very hollow word.

But the police are going to look into it to see if there is any potential for criminal charges...

You would think there should be... Wouldn't you?

They soon threw Wanda Maddocks in the clink!

Tell me. Sincerely. Isn't there something very wrong and twisted here?

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