Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway – The Pro-Death Ascendency

How would you tell them they don't matter any more...?
There's no going back.
When the alternative is death, there is no alternative.

Withdrawal of food and fluids is not withdrawal of treatment: it is murder.

A Matter Of Life Or Death

In 1984, 19-year-old Terry Wallis was thrown from his pick-up truck in an accident near his Massachusetts home. He was not found until 24 hours later, in a coma with massive brain injuries. Today's Pro-Death Advocates would have assessed his 'quality of life' and pulled a Terri Schiavo on him.

Fortunately for Terry, the Pro-Death Candidacy was not then in the ascendant and, 19 years later, his family were over-joyed when Terry began to speak. Terry regained movement - and began to get to know his 20 year-old daughter!

Terri Schiavo fell foul of the Pro-Death Advocates in 2005 and was condemned to death.

Herve is to suffer the same fate.
In the case of Hervé, his wife took part in the decision. But his parents were not even consulted. His mother heard indirectly from another doctor at the hospital where Hervé lies that her son was going to enter into a “process” and that she had to prepare herself to lose him.

Life Site News

You could call it 'slow euthanasia'; you could call it murder.

Whatever is your belief, it is true to say that how you view the person affects how you treat the person, more especially persons some ethicists might classify as non-persons, as untermenschen because they have lost capacity.

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