Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - New Laws For Old!

Name them, shame them, blame them, tame them. There have been learnings enough... Bring them all to heel and never let them work in care again.

Hitting targets is not a measure of excellence.

A target-driven culture connives to cut corners and side-line care. Appearances are never what they appear.

More laws will not profoundly alter or substantially change a cruel and indifferent culture, established and long-standing, encouraged by policy and procedure political meddling has imposed from above.

The self-serving will continue to put self-aggrandisement before dedication and care.

The careerists, out for what they can take, will continue to squeeze out the vocationists, out for what they can give.

Mail Online reports -

Ministers hope the new criminal offence will deter health chiefs from giving false or misleading mortality statistics as part of efforts to bring an end to a ‘cover-up culture’ in the NHS.

Care minister Norman Lamb said the laws would be a legacy of the campaign fought by those who suffered the ‘horrors’ of failings at Stafford Hospital.

Legislation published yesterday will also make it easier to sack managers or even shut down hospital services guilty of providing poor care.

Until now, hospitals have only been able to be put into administration if they get into financial problems.

The Care Bill also sets out plans for a cap on the amount people will have to pay for social care.

A £72,000 limit on costs will be introduced in 2016 and the threshold for financial assistance will be extended from £23,250 to £118,000 at the same time.

New powers will give the regulator Monitor the ability to intervene if the chief inspector of hospitals identifies problems with the quality of care.

We have enough laws; we just need someone with the political guts and gumption to enforce the laws we have.

Mr. Lamb has referred to the 'horrors' at Mid-Staffs and said they are wholly unacceptable. What has happened is, surely, criminal.

Those who have been too timid to apply existing laws this time will, most certainly, lack the courage to enforce new laws next time.

Their metal has been tested. We have seen their true colours.

They have shown themselves to be ineffective and ineffectual, only responding with timidity and tentative action when their hand is forced by the tide of evidence.

It is left to campaigning newspapers and journalists to respond to the clamour of voices of the victims pleading to be heard!

- Mail Online


NHS Hospitals are funded from the public purse!

And what are the Loony Lefties talking about? 'Save our NHS', indeed! In writing to a local hospital this week, I was referred to the Business Partner. I have received a reply from the Managing Director...

There's a business logo at top left and the NHS logo sits at top right on the letterhead! 

The NHS is a brand; it is a recognisable and recognised valuable brand. It is being run as a private business. 

This is a Corporate Hybrid of Public and Third sectors going for a paddle in the Free Market without getting their feet wet. This is the worst of all possible worlds. The corruptible will be corrupted. The punter, Joe Public, is paying for this and will be charged for it.

This is corruption and extortion.

- The Telegraph

New laws for old...

There is no genie in the bottle we can unstopper, pull out, who will grant three wishes with which we may save the day.

There are only weak-kneed politicians with their own coniving political agendas.

With each passing day, the unthinkable becomes more thinkable and certain.

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