Monday, 25 March 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - This Is Not 'Ageism'; It Is Communitarianism

This is Mail Online -

The headline shouts: Ageism in hospitals 'leaves elderly heart attack and breast cancer victims to die'

The report goes on to say: Patients in their 50s are three times more likely to be offered emergency treatment for heart attacks than those in their 80s.

This is not ageism; this is Communitarianism.

It was reported by the Mail Online on 13th March that our hospitals are dangerous and that the vulnerable and the elderly should not be treated there. No-one could reasonably disagree that hospitals have become very dangerous places. Isn't the sensible response to make our hospitals safe...?

This is all a tactical shift of emphasis. The frail and the fragile, the vulnerable and the elderly, are to be treated in the community for their own protection! What a clever ruse. What cunning... What a wheeze...!

Dave Cameron has installed Don Berwick as a guiding tsar to the NHS. 

What, that Don Berwick, running for governorship for Massachusetts, Medicare Director under the Obama administration, cohort of Ezekiel "Zeke" Emanuel, promoter of Communitarian Healthcare, delaying or denying access to medical innovations if your Communitarian profile doesn't fit? That Don Berwick.

This is not ageism. It is the Communitarian healthcare promoted by Zeke and Don.

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  1. These constant stories about how dangerous hospitals have become, particularly for the elderly, will have another effect. The elderly will be too frightened to go into hospital. But we know that delaying treatment only makes things worse. It`s a win-win for those who want to get rid of the elderly and the vulnerable. I have no doubt that what we are seeing is a eugenics programme. It is also why we constantly hear scare stories about how there are more elderly than ever before and society will not be able to afford to take care of them.