Friday, 22 March 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Of Gods, Graves And Graven Images.

This is a tale of Gods, graves and graven images.

This is the Mirror

 Karen says: “She is a different person.  
"Her eyes are dead, her hands are clenched, she dribbles and she doesn’t respond to the TV or music. 
"I will never get the answers I want.” 
Gareth Nixon-Moss, director of County Care Homes, said: “The home has been cleared of any neglect by all the professional authorities and this matter was treated as a nuisance claim to avoid legal fees without accepting liability.” 

Treated as a ‘nuisance claim’... 

Curious, but pro-LCPers on Facebook are actually accusing families of victims of the Mid-Staffs Holocaust to be in it for the money!

Cleared of any neglect...

Yes, they were all in denial like that in Nazi Germany. Hospitals, asylums became known as the place where they killed people. Everyone looked away.

We are already on the road to Belsen. They are already killing people in other parts of our EU. Yes, ‘our’ EU. They are already killing people and recycling body parts. This time around, we are part of this. What have we done?

The frail and the fragile are also at their mercy, those who are perceived as a glass half empty rather than a glass half full.

The courts act as death panels; the almighty State has declared itself God, empowering  doctors with a death charter, the Mental Capacity Act, with which to commit people to the grave; and their graven image - is the Liverpool Care Pathway.

This is - 

Richard Dimbleby reporting from Bergen-Belsen April 1945 Part 1 

The images that accompany this audio soundtrack where found from doing a Google search for Bergen-Belsen and using what was found that labelled them as such. 

There were no images with this report as it was a radio report. 

This is an audio broadcast from 1945, with a first hand account of the atrocities in the Belsen-Belsen concentration camp by Richard Dimbleby.
It is in two sections due to the size. It's worth hearing, because it's not propaganda, it's not bias, it is his own observations of what he witnessed. 
Richard Dimbleby describes the scenes of almost unimaginable horror that greeted him as he toured Belsen concentration camp shortly after its liberation by the British in April 1945.
Did you know?
Bergen-Belsen began as a prisoner of war camp and was used for Jewish inmates from 1943 onwards. It is estimated that 70,000 people died there. Richard Dimbleby was the first broadcaster to enter the camp and, overcome, broke down several times while making his report. The BBC initially refused to play the report, as they could not believe the scenes he had described, and it was only broadcast after Dimbleby threatened to resign.

Find out what is the path to Genocide

Any neo nazi trolls or BNP members comments will be removed, your belief in racial superiority is the same as the Nazis beliefs. Your belief in policies to silence people who are different to you, gives me and others the right to silence your hate speech.

Gregory H. Stanton, President of Genocide Watch, developed the 8 Stages of genocide.

However, the long road to Belsen began not in the concentration camps but in the asylums and the hospitals, not with warders but with orderlies and doctors. And doctors continued to play their crucial part, as with the infamous Nazi ‘angel of death’, Dr. Josef Mengele.

What the Nazis committed was not just a genocide; it was also the extinguishing of life considered not worthy of life, of those unproductive and a drain on the resources of the State and of the Volk. The Communitarian Pathway and the so-called 'fair' distribution of rationed medical resources has fired the opening shots. Battle will soon commence.

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