Thursday, 21 March 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Leaving of Liverpool

Here is a potent adaptation of a beautiful old song…

This is -

Leaving Of Liverpool (Care Pathway)

Published on 17 Mar 2013
"Liverpool Care Pathway" Is it being abused and used as a shortcut to Euthanasia?

Marie Curie werent insured....hence the cover up...hence the reason they've tried to shove a corporate risk management expert Dr Cox onto the 'impartial review' panel ...under the guise of being a member of the national council for palliative care! Entire government stinks!

And this is -

Published on 7 Jun 2012
This is a humorous film and song about the subject of
old age .
The solution in the song may seem a bit far fetched but
believe me it is not beyond the capabilities of some
They start with speeches about dying with respect,
then mercy killing, expanding the debate and guess

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