Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - A Canadian Perspective

"I would not like to see us in Canada slide down this slippery slope. It is reminiscent of the “final solution” during the last war."
This is the view from The Windsor Star -

The Liverpool Pathway is very disturbing

It is regarding the ethics of euthanasia and how this is impacting severely ill seniors and their relatives in Britain. Many of them are increasingly worried about the so-called Liverpool pathway, as are the seriously physically challenged.

Not all patients or their relatives are informed by the medical staff that the patient has been placed on this Pathway and as the patient has food and life support withdrawn from them at this point, this has serious ethical and legal ramifications.

Some patients are unaware that they are being allowed to die and did not give their consent.

There are many lawsuits ongoing at this point. Some patients are put on this Pathway by junior doctors and the patient’s regular doctor is unaware this has taken place.

Speaking with relatives in Britain, it is quite apparent many cognizant elders are now “terrified” of going to their local hospital for fear of what will happen to them. How sad and quite frankly outrageous.

I think it merits a serious investigation from the Canadian point of view and it would raise many interesting points regarding end of life discussions here in Canada. It would be interesting to hear what our medical and religious leaders and the general public think about this protocol called The Liverpool Pathway.

I am appalled to learn that there is a payment made to the hospital by the government when this protocol is followed. I personally would want to make my own decisions about what appears to be, in my opinion, euthanasia, or at least have my relatives make the decision.

I would not like to see us in Canada slide down this slippery slope. It is reminiscent of the “final solution” during the last war.



Annette Wood · Ordsall high school
my mother was placed on the LCP and we didn't know what it was.we were told that they were going to make our mum more comfortable she lived for 4 days , she didn't meet any of the criteria for the LCP tickbox document , she had a collapsed lung which was re inflated, and she was due to come home until a junior doctor said mum had the matter of 4-6 hours to live then she was placed on the LCP and died 4 days later.We were told not to give her food or water as this would make her worse , we had to watch our mother suffer begging for food and water for 4 wasnt till after her death that we had a meeting with her consultant who went on to say we could have given her food and water , she may of lived but we will never know now , we have made a formal complaint and still waiting to hear the outcome , my mum didn't deserve to be treated like this , this has to stop now , since mums death we have opened a group on facebook called HELP PUT A STOP TO THE LIVERPOOL CARE PATHWAY and we have lots of members who have been through the same as our family the hospital where my mum died recieves CQUIN PAYMENTS for putting people on lcp , unless you have seen this or have gone through this process you will never know how barbaric this is surely its against human rights this has to stop NOW.

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