Monday, 25 March 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Curiouser And Curiouser

This 80’s punky rebel so formal and subdued in response…? Will the real Toyah Willcox please stand up?

In a statement posted on the Official Toyah Willcox website, Toyah is said to be “mortified” that the Daily Mail has implied she is unhappy with the care her mother received at St. Richard’s Hospice in Worcester –
St. Richard’s hospice allowed Toyah's mother to die with dignity and with as little pain as possible. St. Richards’s hospice have their patient’s care and comfort as a priority at all times. Toyah is so grateful to the hospice she has in the past donated monies to them and will continue to do so in the future.

Toyah does believe each patient must be treated as an individual when being put on the Liverpool Care Pathway and in her mother's case, Toyah's mother wasn't able to cope with the news of her terminal illness and the hospice allowed Toyah's family to be as involved as much as humanly possible in such a tragic situation

[Mail Online]

TheTelegraph  also reported on the story -

Such an ‘out of character’ response from this outspoken "former punk princess" ...

It beggars belief.

It begs the question, why did this interview with John Stevens and Sandi Jones proceed in the first place? What was the ‘story’?

It begs the question, what was the purpose of the interview; what pretext was used to misrepresent the singer…?

It all seems so improbable.

Toyah has tweeted –

toyahofficial Strichards hospice worcester gave my mum excellent care,I've no complaints.Mum was terminal.i apologise 2 st.richards 4 slant in Daily Mail!

Why is Toyah apologising? Is she apologising for the ‘slant’ the Mail published? Was the ‘slant’ hers, or a misrepresentation by John Stevens and Sandi Jones? If it is the latter, the apology is not hers to make.

What is going on here, please?

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