Friday, 22 February 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Untouchables

When Gary Walker, as chief executive at the United Lincolnshire Hospitals trust (ULHT), raised concerns for patient safety, he was dismissed and paid £500,000 from the public purse for his silence. This is public money being used for corrupt purposes.

When Mr. Walker broke his silence, he was threatened with legal action and told by the NHS he faced paying back the money and any extra legal costs.

"I stand to lose everything if they sue," he told the Daily Mail.

NHS boss, Sir David Nicholson, participated in his dismissal.

Whistleblower: Gary Walker - Mail Online
Mr. Walker said, "It has got to the stage where thousands and thousands of patients are dying needlessly in NHS hospitals and the government says no one’s to blame, someone needs to stand up and be counted.”

Mr Walker said: "In any other organisation in which thousands had died needlessly through systematic or cultural failure, top management would be brought to book. It astounds me that Mr Nicholson has not been suspended while a proper investigation is carried out."

NHS boss, Sir David Nicholson, is now head of the NHS Commissioning Board. So, what does he know that keeps him in his job...?

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