Thursday, 14 February 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Another "Disaster"

Colchester MP, Sir Bob Russell, reports to constituents on an NHS "disaster" that has hit home ground. This is from Bob's website -

Sir Bob Russell

Member of Parliament for Colchester since 1997

Colchester General faces investigation over mortality rate.

February 7, 2013 1:38 PM
Colchester General Hospital
As many of you will have heard, Colchester General Hospital has been listed as one of five across England which are being investigated for its high mortality rate following the Prime Minister's Statement yesterday.
Though I have recently received an increase in, mainly families of patients, contacting me to raise serious concerns over the Hospital which include serious failing with treatment to poor communication, alongside this it is important to remember that there are many who have nothing but praise for the care and treatment they have received.
Prior to yesterday's shock announcement I had just raised with the Chief Executive of Colchester General Hospital, Dr Coutts, my concern over its use of the Liverpool Care Pathway as well as highlighting a recent article listing the Hospital as having high mortality rates.
In addition to this letter I also had a private meeting with Health Minister Norman Lamb MP on Monday evening to discuss these concerns.
I have arranged an urgent meeting tomorrow (Friday) morning with Dr Coutts when I hope to find out exactly what has gone wrong and how I may work with the Hospital to try and resolve these concerns.
I am hoping to have a further meeting with Norman Lamb on Monday next week.
Though this is demoralising for all those who are dedicated and working hard at the Hospital, I hope that there can be renewed vigour from those at the upper tiers to ensure that Colchester residents receive the best care and support when needed. It is important that prospective patients and their families are not placed in even greater anxiety because of this week's news.
Best wishes
Bob Russell
Sir Bob Russell, MP for Colchester

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