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Liverpool Care Pathway - One More Step Towards The Abyss

It's all about assessment of 'quality of life', of fair and equitable funding and affordability. That is the essence of Communitarian Healthcare theory.

Without sustained and unprecedented increases in health service productivity, funding for the NHS in England will need to increase in real terms between 2015 and 2022 to avoid reductions in the level or quality of services. However, this funding increase is looking increasingly unlikely 
The future is frightening.

This is Mail Online -

'Disabled children cost too much and should be put down': Calls for councillor to stand down after outrageous rant
  • Cllr Collin Brewer refuses to quit and has apologised to Disability Cornwall
  • Told BBC radio that the timing wasn't good because of upcoming elections
  • Charity says his apology was an insult and he should quit his post
  • Defended himself by saying he was 'hot under the collar' after a meeting
  • Mr Brewer forced to write apology a year and a half after offensive remark
  • 97 per cent of people in local paper poll say Mr Brewer should resign
  • Katie Price tweeted 'How would you like to dispose of my son Harvey???'
  • Cornwall Council distanced itself from Mr Brewer's 'ignorant' comment

Councillor Collin Brewer's remarks were described as 'depraved' but he is refusing to quit A councillor told a charity worker who helps youngsters with special needs that 'disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down'.

Collin Brewer, 68, an independent councillor at Cornwall Council, has refused to stand down after making the 'depraved' remark to the member of a charity during an information event.

What he said has received wide-spread condemnation including that of Katie Price whose son, Harvey, is severely disabled.

Mr Brewer admitted that he made the comment to 'provoke a reaction' and has now been forced to apologise in writing for the offensive remark.

However, he remains defiant and refuses to stand down saying: 'It is not something I would consider resigning over. I believe I am doing a good job.'

He said at his home yesterday: ‘We had had a difficult morning deciding on budget and job cuts. I listened to one of the ladies on the Disability Cornwall stall and came out with the comment. If only I had not said that.

The comment was made to Theresa Court, advice services manager of Disability Cornwall which complained to the council's standards committee.

Ms Court said: 'I was absolutely horrified anyone would make such a depraved comment, let alone a Cornwall councillor at a public event.

'As far as I was concerned, I had a duty to make a formal complaint against Councillor Brewer to seek appropriate justice.'

Her charity had a stand at an information event in Truro in October 2011. She was on hand to tell councillors about the issues they face and the work they do with parents of children with special needs.

Mr Brewer approached the stand, where there were parents of disabled children, and asked what the charity did. According to Ms Court he said that children with special needs cost too much money.

Fortunately, she added, none of the parents heard his comments.

She said: 'I couldn't believe it. It's taken a year and a half for him to be told that he has to write an apology. The apology was an insult.

'It came with a second class stamp and it was folded up into eight small bits. He might as well have screwed it up. I can't believe that the only thing he has had to to is write an apology. He needs to re-think his job.'

Katie Price tweeted her disgust at Mr Brewer's comments
Katie Price tweeted her disgust at Mr Brewer's comments

The letter, sent by second class mail, is damning and serves as an indicator of the sincerity of its author!

More outrageous ideas are floated, to add to others reported in these pages. And where is all this leading us?

From Oregon to Belgium, each step towards the abyss has made each succeeding step that more certain.

This is Live Action News -
Live Action News


Belgium to legalize child euthanasia, because it’s going to be done anyway

Belgium’s euthanasia program is already out ofcontrol, but it might be getting even crazier. Euthanasia-friendly countries have a history of letting the programs go off the rails, and now Belgium might sanction one of the most horrible things they could:  allowing minors to be euthanized.  Their reasoning? Well, it’s being done anyway…

Licia Corbella  writes -
Black is white, white is black and wrong is right. Murder is merciful and compassionate care, cruel. Somewhere out there, George Orwell is saying, "I told you so."

When will begin those European Directives that these Nazi policies be observed here in the UK?

When begins the cull of the 'useless eaters'?

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  1. I would like to know what happened to people in hospitals and care homes before the Liverpool care plan was thought about. In what way was what happened inferior to what is happening now? How many complaints were there about the system compared to what there are now?

    It seems to me that the Liverpool care pathway is being rolled out to address a problem that never existed before it was conceived.

    That worries me enormously.