Friday, 22 February 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - An Outcome Preordained

What was it actually brought us to this point? What was it gave Mr. Lamb pause to call for a 'round table'? What was it gave the Baroness the task of chairing this review? What were those events that brought us to this place?

There were no noble Knights at that round table come to aid this fair damsel who, single-handedly, fought her father's case all the way to the dark halls of Castle Perilous. One noble lady lent her ears to listen; a retainer of that place, with ignoble intent to divert her cause, called a grand meeting of the leading lights and luminaries, the Great and the Powerful and, by trick and by artifice, did win her confidence and conviction that he would act in good faith on her part.

The fair lady was awarded a seat for her pains in the Great Hall of Castle Perilous wherein the petitioners of great wrongs might plead and be heard. The retainer scoured the land for one who might best suit his purpose and appointed one who best fit and served this intent to sit at the head of those gathered there to consider and reflect.

So certain of himself, his confidence a burden mighty on him has betrayed him. The knave has dropped his guard. The retainer has let slip and broadcast far and wide -
" I don't want to in any way pre-empt this independent review, but I suspect that it will be a question of training, making sure that the professionals who are responsible for caring for someone at the end of life, really know what they are doing."
The churl has exposed the dark designs of his Lord, to put the peasants in their place and to quell their revolt.

The outcome is preordained. Consistent with his purpose, these deliberations shall lead nowhere...

This is a copy of the current automated response of acknowledgement sent out when petitioners for justice submit their stories to the Review Panel. Many are not happy. Not all members of the Review Panel are happy. It demonstrates a bias -

Thank you for your e-mail. Baroness Neuberger has asked me to assure you that your account will form part of the evidence to the review of use and experience of the Liverpool Care Pathway. We are very conscious that this is a particularly sensitive and emotive topic and are all the more grateful to you for sharing your experience.
The Liverpool Care Pathway was designed to bring hospice-style care into hospitals, so that dying people receive the best, personalised care in their last days and hours of life. The LCP is very clear that this involves full and continuing communication with patients, carers and families. 
Recent media coverage, followed by a wave of correspondence to the Department, suggests that the LCP is not always being used as intended. The issues raised deserve to be taken extremely seriously. However, amongst the stories of poor experiences, there are also those anxious to say how well people were cared for because of the LCP. 
There are enough accounts of poor care to make it clear that changes are needed, but it is important that we understand systematically what is happening in order to determine what those changes should be. That is why this independent review will be looking at the experiences of families, carers and professionals, as well as considering other factors such as financial incentives.
The review be listening to the stories of families and carers, as well as looking at written evidence, and I have added your name to the list of people who would like to be involved in one of those meetings.
When we have assessed the evidence the review will report to Ministers and the NHS Commissioning Board with its conclusions and recommendations. 
Best wishes

They'll beat about the bush. They'll dance around the houses.They'll give every impression they can of putting wrongs to right...

but all that is neither here nor there.

What is required is not a review but an investigation. The LCP is a killing machine. The LKP is a Licence to Kill People.

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