Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Prosecute These 'Bad Drivers'!

Norman Lamb's review is not - was never intended to be - into the Liverpool Care Pathway, but into how it is being put into practice...

Dying Matters (NCPC)
Claire Henry, Director of the National End of Life Care Programme, said: “We welcome today’s announcement of Baroness Julia Neuberger as Independent Chair for the review into the use and experience of the Liverpool Care Pathway. It is vital that the review is both robust and impartial..." 

This is a picture of IMPARTIAL Rabbi Neuberger presenting a Gold Standards Framework End of Life Care Award at the International Society of Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care Conference in 2011 -

How 'impartial' is impartial...?

You first read of the CQUIN payments here.

Back in November, we were saying -
"Mr. Lamb, you appear to be of the opinion that the problem lies not with the vehicle - the Liverpool Care Pathway - but with the drivers of the vehicle...

Mr. Lamb, there is a problem with the drivers, certainly...!

But the vehicle needs to be taken off-road immediately and consigned, straight way, to the breakers yard before it may do further damage and harm!"

Since then, upon realising they couldn't lightly counter all the accusations made, they've all got in on the act and paraphrased our comments about the vehicle and the driver.

This is one of the many promotional tactics the  I   Liverpool Care Pathway page uses on Facebook. - 

Well, we can just as easily throw it back at them...

Bad drivers who kill people are prosecuted for manslaughter and may expect prison terms. May these rogue clinicians, these "bad drivers", expect the same - not before a friendly, pally General Medical Council or Nurses & Midwifery Council - but in a court of law?

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