Thursday, 10 January 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - "Elsie's Law"

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'We need to stand up for most vulnerable'

Are our hospitals placing patients on a controversial method of treatment known as the "death pathway"?

There's criticism tonight from some health specialists who say the Liverpool Care Pathway plan is in use without proper training for staff.
Tonight, we'll be speaking to an expert in palliative medicine, who says there should be more checks, to see that the system is being operated correctly.
We'll also hear from a woman whose mother was placed on the Liverpool Care Pathway.
Elsie Deine Credit: ITV Meridian
Elsie Devine died in 1999. Since then, her daughter Ann Reeves has been campaigning for better care under 'Elsie's law'.
She has launched a petition demanding that a patient's loved one sign a consent form - and be consulted - at every stage.

She has now launched a petition. She says a patient's loved one must sign a consent form - and be consulted - at every stage.

Elsie Devine with daughter Ann  Credit: ITV Meridian

Elsie Devine's daughter, Ann Reeves  Credit: ITV Meridian
I think it’s being abused. And the only way to stop the abuse is for patients or relatives to sign a document so that relative knows that they’re on the terminal pathway. They are among the most vulnerable people in our society and we should be standing up for that and making sure that they have their right to life.” -  Ann Reeves

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