Thursday, 3 January 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Conceit Of The Arrogant

Everywhere, there is tragedy and the conceit of the arrogant.

A sad and sorry tale to tell, this was posted on Patient Opinion -

"My late wifes treatment or lack of it"

Posted by caring (as a relative), 
My wife suffered several strokes over a long period of time, the care she received was in most cases disgusting, over time she got worse getting very weak.
One day a nurse said perhaps she is in the last stages of dementia, my reply was that must apply to all stroke victims as the brain is damaged a bit more each time, as my wife had difficulty swallowing I requested a stomach tube be fitted the Doctor replied it will have no advantage, well I think it would have been an advantage to my wife.
Each time she was admitted after that she was just left to lay in bed with no attempt to get her up, she got weaker as time went on and twice she was in need of surgical intervention but was turned down as being too weak to go through with an operation, she developed pressure sores with the heal of one foot turning black.
My wife was then put on the Liverpool Care Pathway with little choice from myself her husband and carer. The fastest I have seen them move was when they withdrew her fluids and nasal tube that they promised me they would keep to administer her medication but silly me I trusted them, there was no intention of giving her any medication.
My wife was transferred to a private care home where she died within two days. that is another statistic that will not be on your books as she died away from your Hospital.
A week later on the day of her funeral the post had tried to deliver a letter and I should collect it the next day, it was from the N H S saying they had agreed to pay for my wife's continuing care. thank you for that, you have proved that you mess up all the time even after death.

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