Friday, 25 January 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Inquest Into Falls

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An inquest will hear details of the death of an elderly woman who died at Ipswich HospitalIpswich: Inquest to hear details of death of patient placed on controversial Liverpool Care Pathway at Ipswich Hospital

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
5:41 PM

AN inquest will open tomorrow to examine the death of an elderly woman, put on the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) at Ipswich Hospital.
Marion Bryce-Smith, 93, of the Thoroughfare, Woodbridge was admitted to Ipswich Hospital in January last year following a fall at home.
Mrs Bryce-Smith suffered two further falls while at the Heath Road trust - the second of which resulted in an inoperable bleed to her brain.
A spokesman for her family said three days later the 93-year-old was placed on the LCP, end of life care which involves withholding food and drink in the expectation that a patient will die.
Mrs Bryce-Smith died on March 17, 59 days later.
The inquest will be held at the IP-City Centre in Bath Street, Ipswich.
The hearing is expected to last for two days.

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