Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Killing By Numbers

This is the campaigning, NHS agit-prop group, 38 Degrees -

38 Degrees

What should we campaign on together in the coming months?

Make NHS fit for purpose cont'd - make sure we go to hospital to get well, not die.

I believe that the NHS and it's staff, yes nurses included, are becoming careless, indifferent and cruel to the lives of some people, particularly the old. My mother died in January 2009 (under the Labour Government's watch) because nurses ignored her and left her to die. I now believe she was put on the Liverpool Care Pathway without our knowledge. Stop this serial killing by those who are supposed to nurse us back to health. My mum was 75% fit when she entered the hospital. She was pushed from ward to ward (six different wards in all, staying only hours in some wards) and died 3 weeks after entering hospital. This is death by the consent of the Government and cannot be allowed to continue. The most important change in the NHS I believe is that nurses nurse us to health, not our death.

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