Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Still Pushing For Amber

He's been pushing the Amber Nectar in Oz... Back from his tour of NSW, it's the Brit 'Daktari' with the X-Factari, Adrian Hopper!

This is Hospital & Aged Care

Dr. Adrian Hopper and his excellent team of roadies from Guy's & St. Thomas' have been a big hit.
Dr Hopper, from Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust in London, where he is the Deputy Medical Director for Patient Safety, visited Australia recently on behalf of the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission.
Back home, the UCLH Board has favoured Amber -

The Board noted the reports including that the issues raised about end of life care had largely been addressed by funding for the AMBER care bundle and for training. Care of the elderly services were being reviewed by Jonathan Fielden in order to provide an expanded and improved service at UCH. A review of the hospital as night system is also being undertaken with the aim to improve the support being provided to ward sisters.

Amber was responsible for upsizing LCP quotas where it was used.
What does Amber mean? This is the Royal Surrey

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, patients do not respond as well as we would expect to treatment and their recovery may be uncertain. By identifying a patient as AMBER we can make sure that all our staff know about the patient’s condition and are working together to give these patients the best possible care and support. 
Downsizing care options.

This is Westminster Health Forum

Keen on pushing Amber...

Following the review of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP), what should be the next steps for the delivery of personalised care plans and for developing a system‐wide approach to improving quality?

The Agenda favours Amber with a mention.

In Oz, they favour conflict resolution.

What...? Is Canberra sending some well-heeled peace envoy off to the Middle East?
No, it's doctors resolving EoLC issues.

The point of foreseen conflict is on the issue of what is considered the appropriate response - the palliative or the curative.

When is the point of 'End of Life' reached? When the diagnosis of 'dying' is made...?

Everyone gets it in the end. Or those of us 'unfortunate' to live too long to get it.

Yes, it's that life-limiting condition we call Old Age and one of the factors taken into consideration. Old Age is, effectively, a terminal illness!

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