Thursday, 31 October 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - A Day For Life And For Living

Tomorrow, take time out to celebrate a very special Life Café...

Because, tomorrow, it's All Hallow's Day!

Tonight, All Hallow's Eve (Halloween), the ghosts and the ghoulies make mayhem and mischief and have their last fling to run riot abroad...

But 1st of November, all Hallow's Day, is the Day for Life!

Don't let them assimilate everything that is positive and right. They have taken the word 'holistic' and perverted its meaning for their own purposes. 

Your GP does not practice 'holistic medicine'. Your GP will alot you a time slot and discuss only one symptom and send you on your way. That is not holistic medicine.

Medicine is concerned with the treatment of diseases and injuries; of matters which affect well-being and health. It would generally be accepted that medicine is the science and art of dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or cure of disease. The focus of holistic medicine will be to assess the person and not just the symptom(s) toward recovering and restoring an equilibrium of health.

Not all is possible but, always, it is to strive to do no harm and to act with best intent.

One thing your GP is skilled in - courtesy of the 'tools' provided and made available, such as the GSF and the Barton method - is diagnosing EoL and recruiting for the death lists. Then, suddenly, they find holism...!

This is Wirral Community NHS Trust - August 2013 and the "Wirral End of Life Care Plan" which is just the LCP by another name -
All palliative care patients diagnosed as being in the last year of life and on End of Life Care Plan will have an Advance Care Plan in the form of a ‘Patient and Carer Assessment’ (PACA). The PACA is a comprehensive holistic assessment which is responsive to the changing needs and preferences of patients and carers 
All patients approaching the end of life are offered spiritual and religious support appropriate to their needs and preferences and recorded in the PACA 
This is the mission message from

"I Support The Liverpool Care Pathway"  
I support the APPROPRIATE USE of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) for the Dying Patient. For the RIGHT patient, at the RIGHT time with CLEAR COMMUNICATION and TRANSPARENCY of what the pathway actually is - holistic assessment of a dying patient.

The patient is placed in a box labelled 'dying'...
Oh, the joy of living, sweeter music they're giving
Than the singing bird you heard before...
- Cliff Richard
There's always time for Life Café. Have yours on November 1st, All Hallows Day.

The evil spirits have had their last fling (Halloween) and now the good spirits come to chase them away!

Celebrate the lives of loved ones, present and passed on...

...because life is precious, and living matters.

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