Monday, 14 October 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - The Hero Of The Day

These, too, are heroes, who work tirelessly and unselfishly to defend the rights of those who may not defend themselves...

Dr. Anthony Cole of the Medical Ethics Alliance, a worthy champion of the vulnerable and the weak, is awarded the Schindler Prize.

The prize honours Terri Schindler-Schiavo's parents, who fought to save her life against fierce and relentless opposition.

This is Mail Online –
A leading medical figure who helped abolish the Liverpool Care Pathway has praised the Daily Mail’s campaign as he condemned attempts to fetter the free Press.

Dr Tony Cole – who persuaded ministers to set up the official inquiry that led to the demise of the LCP – said: ‘We would never have got it off the ground if it had not been for the Daily Mail and the Press. I am very concerned about freedom of the Press and anything which might endanger it.’

The Mail says that it has been abolished.

Regrettably, not so. They have merely conceded a position to gain the advantage.

But this is Dr. Cole's day. We must applaud the accolade he has received. Well done and well deserved it is!

Baroness Campbell. DBE, presented the prize given at the Royal College of Medicine on Saturday before a supportive audience.

The hero of the day.
No time to rest on laurels,
The danger is not done;
The war is not ended
With a battle won.

And on Twitter, the cackling of the ranting mob is heard abroad -
FW @frozenwarning -
"Dear @mailonline Dr Tony Cole is not a "leading medical expert", he's head of a shady Catholic pressure group that puts religion before care"
Paul Morgan @drpaulmorgan -
"@frozenwarning You make a good point. Typical of @mailonline to think it’s in the right because a vocal minority shouted and screamed.""@frozenwarning Of course the reality is that they have set back palliative care by several years, condemning many to a painful death."
FW @frozenwarning -
"@drpaulmorgan Exactly, while holding up a man who puts sky fairies above patient compassion as some kind of expert."
Paul Morgan @drpaulmorgan -
"@frozenwarning #LCP - a good tool sometimes badly used. But @mailonline solution was to throw it away rather than improve training.""@frozenwarning Utterly abhorrent. I feel nothing but contempt for such people and that awful rag."

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