Saturday, 19 October 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - A Day For Life

It's a pretty amazing thing to be a doctor, because doctors are pretty amazing people.

Let's make some Life Café time. There's always time for Life Café. Have yours on Friday November 1st, All Hallows Day.

The evil spirits have had their last fling (Halloween) and now the good spirits come to chase them away!

Some doctors are cursed by arrogance; some doctors are blessed with humility. But it has to be said: Doctors can do some pretty amazing things...
‘The thought of losing my little boy was just too awful to even think about.’

Ethan underwent his five hour surgery at John Radcliffe Hospital, in Oxford, at just over a year old.

Ms Mair said: ‘His Dad had to go with him when he was put under because I just couldn’t bear it.
This is the Mail Online
A toddler has been cured of a rare condition after having his skull broken apart and pieced back together like a jigsaw.

Ethan Mair, two, from Gosport, Hampshire, was born with craniosynostosis - a condition which caused the skull to fuse before birth.

While most babies are born with gaps in the skull which allow the brain to grow, Ethan’s had already fused by the time he was born.
‘He was my precious little boy and I knew I wouldn’t be able to face seeing him slip away.

‘The five hours of waiting were a nightmare, and when he finally did come around we were told how poorly he’d been during the op.

‘I rushed to see him in the high dependency unit and just burst into tears.

‘Seeing his scar was quite a shock, it really brought home what he’d been through.
‘It was a few hours before I could give him a cuddle but when I did it was amazing.’

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