Mother after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over 15 years ago type dementia recently passed away.

Doctor’s medical certificate says Cardio Vascular Accident CVA with Alzheimer’s.

I do not agree with this, and asked coroners office to investigate, however corners office say the will not take any action.

My mothers Cardio Vascular Accident CVA issues started when in residential care, I believe through drugs used. Did ask a doctor on a number of times for a consultants review, but was refused.

But the end was I believe was due to the Liverpool Care Pathway type which I was not consulted on, dehydration and food intake has been an issue, from my observations because of the pour skills in the care staff I believe, i.e. wrong position to swallow, to many cushions and low down in the bed to be able to swallow.

But main question, anybody know what to do if coroners is satisfied that no investigation is required, what /who can I go to next?