Thursday, 18 July 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Fallen Unto Iniquity

  1. These three abideth, and even these have they sullied: Faith and Hope they have diminished but the greatest of these, Charity, have they corrupted to iniquity.

    In 2008, New Labour initiated the Death Cult and grooming for dying as its response to the pension black hole and a collapsing National Health Service.

    The EoLC strategy was outsourced to the NCPC and the Dying Matters Coalition was born.
    This is from the NCPC website -

    Dying Matters – raising public awareness
    In 2008 the government published the End of Life Care Strategy for England, in which NCPC was invited to lead a national coalition to increase public awareness, discussion and debate around dying, death and bereavement. NCPC accepted the challenge and in 2009 the Dying Matters Coalition was born. In a short time the coalition has become established and respected and now boasts over 16,000 members. Whilst the Dying Matters Coalition’s main focus is England, we support and encourage better public awareness across the UK.

    NCPC today

    NCPC celebrated its 20th birthday in 2011 and is going from strength to strength. We produce a range of publications, leaflets, DVDs, conferences and training programmes to help our subscribers around the country deliver the best levels of care. We work with government, the NHS, the voluntary and private sectors to shape future strategies and plans. We involve patients, carers and families in everything we do to ensure our work is informed by people with real experience.
    Is this a 'junior partner'? Who is in charge; who is controlling whom?
    "There were two significant NICE consultations during the year, on an End of Life Care Quality Standard and on the use of strong opioids. Our consultation responses were informed by extensive feedback from our working groups as well as by people with personal experience of end of life care,and many of our key recommendations were accepted."
    (NCPC Report and Financial Statements 31 March 2012)
    What 'independence' is there here? This is a complex coalition of diverse but not dissimilar organisations, in close discussion, consultation, all sharing a like interest of mutual benefit: the promotion of the Integrated/Gold Standards/DundeeDignity/Liverpool Care Pathways.

    NCPC appear to have a finger dipped in every bowl, just for tasters, of course. The umbrella seems more and more like a web...

    NCPC offers 'Corporate Partnerships', also.

    One of these is Napp Pharmaceuticals -
    NAPP Testimonial

    The NCPC has a sister organisation, the SPPC -

    Scottish Partnership Logo
    Services in Scotland are provided by The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care.
    Click here to visit their website.

    The web is as extensive in Scotland as it is south of the border, down Westminster way. Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care Director, Mark Hazelwood is quoted on the Scottish Government website here and the consensus statement, repeated mantra-like, of what the LCP is and is not is repeated here, above as it is below...

    The Guardian
    The Third Sector is in business partnership. Andrew Lansley put £1bn of NHS services up for tender to the Third Sector. This is big, big Dinero. And the Big Brands jumped to it.

    In 2011, the Coalition began outsourcing the delivery of palliative care to Marie Curie.

    We Are Macmillan wasn't found wanting either...

    It was Macmillan involved with May's consignment on the Death Pathway.

    The NCPC was in discussion with NICE advising on the use of strong opioids.

    Where are we going with this...?

    Marie Curie, NCPC et al are all complicit in this "Brutal and callous", mad, insane Pathway. They cannot escape this charge.

    The NCPC was in discussion with NICE in 2012 advising on the use of strong opioids.


    This is a Rapid Response Report from 2008/9 warning against over-prescribing with opioid medicines...

    This Rapid Response Report alerts all healthcare professionals prescribing, dispensing or administering opioid medicines to the risks of patients receiving unsafe doses.

    Every member of the team has a responsibility to check that the intended dose is safe for the individual patient. Knowledge of previous opioid dose is essential for the safe use of these products. There is a wide variety of opioid medicines, and supply shortages may result in products being used which are unfamiliar to practitioners.

    The National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) received reports of five deaths and over 4,200 dose-related patient safety incidents concerning opioid medicines up to June 2008.

    "...reports of five deaths and over 4,200 dose-related patient safety incidents concerning opioid medicines up to June 2008."
    Yes, really. And that's not even counting those on LCP. This is patient safety!

    But if you're 'dying' anyway...

    That's euthanasia!

    And this is corruption. Involvement of pharmaceutical companies especially, working for mutual advantage, a "partnership in the true sense of the word"(sic!).

    The 'prn's and 'no upper limit' daily doses, the graseby syringes pumping their lethal cocktails of morphine and midazolam...

    There is a disclaimer on provision of input, but Napp have provided technical development support for Cardiff University Pain Community Centre.

    This is not good practice. This 'partnership' is so open to abuse.

    Charity, art thou so corrupted thou art corruptible? This, the greatest of these, is fallen unto such iniquity!

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