Saturday, 13 July 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - A Review Of The Muchness of Much Less

When hearsay is released piecemeal it is easy to lose the significance of what is being said.

In a clamour of insignificant muchness is truth forestalled and are the facts waylaid. Quite plainly, it is done to reduce the impact.

It is deliberate. It is stage-managed. Nothing is done without forethought of purpose. Thus, when their deliberations are finally released next week, the detail will be lost in the bellow of voices arguing what is already become Chinese Whispers.

Toss the headless chickens some grain and they will all rush about to peck it up even though they lack the means to do so.

This is the world of Twitter, the shallow puff of baseless hot air that lacks the depth of argument to give it substance.

The Review is done, an Inquiry begun.

An Independent article has disclosed for public scrutiny what we already knew to be the case.
  • The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) has never been properly tested.
  • The LCP has never been subjected to a proper randomised clinical trial.
  • Despite verified and verifiable and valid complaints that the LCP is a death machine - including that of a sitting member of the current 'review' - the LCP has continued in use across the UK instead of being suspended - grounded - to await outcome of the 'review'.
  • The LCP has been widely adopted throughout the world in various forms (including a 'tweaked' version in Gibraltar).

A Trial hosted on a US dot Gov website is going ahead. It is currently recruiting.

Estimated Enrollment:                          600
Study Start Date:                                 September 2012
Estimated Primary Completion Date:   March 2015 (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure)


Ages Eligible for Study:  60 Years and older
Genders Eligible for Study:  Both
Accepts Healthy Volunteers:  Yes
Inclusion Criteria:
  • patient is admitted to an acute geriatric hospital ward
  • patient is hospitalized for more than 48 hours
  • patient has given informed consent

Now, there's something. The Trial is accepting Healthy volunteers.

The chosen venue for this trial is in Flanders' killing wards, where they euthanase patients without their prior permission.


Where are they going with this? When the review is published next week, perhaps, we might be able to make better sense of it.

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