Sunday, 14 July 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - An Italian Perspective And Some Chaff For The Finches

O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!

-  Tempi

Tempi (Time) has been reporting regularly on the Liverpool Care Pathway to its Italian readership. It has reported the facts and reported them well. Unfortunately, it has also got them mixed up.

And forgotten them.

Just as we ourselves have.


Tempi (Time) has got its LCP confused with the "Death Lists" for instance.

No, the LCP is a Death Wish; it's the GPs one percent that's the Death List!

Still, as the Scottish Bard says...


It's good to see ourselves as others see us.

It's good to see ourselves through another's eyes, without the gloss and glitter.

Tempi has also got the LCP confused with the GSF.

Tempi says the LCP hasn't yet obtained the "Gold Standard".

No, sorry. The GSF (Gold Standard Framework) is not the LCP. And neither is 'gold standard'.

Tempi says the government is trying to run for cover.

Not far wrong there. And they might just get away with it.

Tempi reports on the awful and tragic stories that have become the subject matter of the LCP.

'Terror Stories' Tempi calls them and they are become so common that you might think our senses might become dulled to them.

No, our senses could never become dulled to what this mad killing machine does and what it is.

Only the groomed and hysterical followers of Chairman Ellershaw may stand in cold and callous self-denial.

Tempi has reported on Jean Tulloch, Robert Goold, Charles Futcher, Arthur Oszek, Margaret Kibble...

Names to add to the Memorial Wall to be erected to those who have perished on the LCP before their time. The names of the Named and the names of the Nameless.

Tempi has reported on the British healthcare system which, it says, is collapsing.

Tempi has reported on the Christian doctors who oppose the LCP. No, sorry, not quite right on that one, eh, Dr. Saunders?

Tempi has reported on the payments made to hospitals (the CQUINs).

Tempi has reported on the DNRs.

Tempi has reported on the "little evidence" to support the diagnosing of dying.

Tempi has hinted at the Trial, discussing the necessity for "randomised clinical trials" and "well-designed studies" to determine the effectiveness of the LCP.

Tempi has got so much right and so much mixed up that the clear water of fact of the former might well cloud in the swirl of sediment of the latter. In a clamour of insignificant muchness is truth forestalled and are the facts waylaid and, quite plainly, this is done to reduce the impact.

It is deliberate. It is stage-managed. Nothing is done without forethought of purpose. Thus, when their deliberations are finally released today, the detail will be lost in the bellow of voices arguing what is already become Chinese Whispers.

Toss the headless chickens some grain and they will all rush about to peck it up even though they lack the means to do so.
The Finches have gobbled the chaff, but toss in some corn and the awful truth of the LCP might be lost.
Hunt has mentioned this horror that might make Mid Staffs pale into insignificance.

He chooses the day before the review report is due to be published to release this to the press. And they have had a field day because, quite simply, 'horror' is hardly a word that goes anywhere near describing this medical holocaust...
Mail Online 

The Independent 
And can Mr. Burnham really believe that he may offload all blame on the damnable Coalition...?

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  1. I think its mrs neuberger who has 'forgotten' some facts: like the fact there were 2versions of the liverpool care pathway, and that version 11 breached criminal law from Oct 2007 to Dec 2009...because it had no consent process nor test of capacity, so ran against the mental capacity act......the nhs therefore was using a care pathway that instructed its staff to wilfully neglect those in its assualt those in its care...for almost 2 years. But she didnt mention it at all....