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Liverpool Care Pathway - The Palliative Option

More excess deaths and more excess deaths and more excess deaths...
Isn't anyone joining up the dots?

This is Mail Online 

There are 600 more deaths than would have been expected in the same period.
The report said that 2013 so far "stands out as noticeably worse than any recent year"
So, what has changed?

The Standard

Isn't anyone joining up the dots?

Is the real mystery that no-one wants to see the bigger picture?

The GP 1% palliative option, downsizing care expectations is taking effect. Isn't this what was designed?

Just join up the dots.

This is their design for death.

This is become a medical holocaust...

The Independent

1,400 excess deaths at Mid Staffs...

1,600 excess deaths at Basildon and Thurrock...

United Lincolnshire plus The Dudley Group plus George Eliot plus Northern Lincolnshire and Goole plus Tameside plus Sherwood Forest plus Colchester plus Medway plus Burton plus North Cumbria plus East Lancashire plus Buckinghamshire Healthcare equals 13,000 excess deaths since 2005...

Nobody held to account, nobody disciplined...

"Excess deaths". Mostly, they didn't bother to do the paperwork on the LCP. Trusts have admitted they have no information. If they had done the paperwork, they would know. They don't know.

How many of those "excess deaths" are down to implementing the LCP?

"Excess deaths".

Healthcare Analysis & Forecasting (HCAF)

This paper documents a recurring series of infectious-like out breaks -

The above report ties in with this.

Excess deaths are mainly for those aged 85+ although the effect can be discerned above age 65, more amongst the female than the male population.

The increase in deaths is associated with a parallel increase in emergency admissions and emergency department attendances.

The paper identifies this increase in emergency admissions, the infectious-like outbreak and, therefore, the deaths as coincident and not coincidental. It is a natural linkage to make.

a) Infectious outbreak à b) Emergency admission à c) Excess deaths

However, it is worth proposing that, whilst a) may result in outcome b), it might be that c) may result from b) and not a).

In other words, the excess deaths are resulting from the emergency admission and not the infection.

The age-group fits. An out of hours admission. An A&E department under pressure. Patient written off. Candidate for LCP. How often it happens that way...

"Excess deaths".

Further reading –

Liverpool Care Pathway – Excess Deaths

"Excess deaths".

It is worth looking outside the box. And see what you can see...

Zeke's pal, Don Berwick, takes over the NHS. 

Communitarian policies going global. 

Downsize care expectations to the palliative option.

And -

The Oncology Report

Surprise, surprise.

What's coming your way, America?

"Excess deaths"...?

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