Sunday, 28 April 2013

Liverpool Care pathway - A Tale Oft Repeated...

This is a story in five parts. It is Eddie and Annette's Story, a tale oft repeated, of a monstrous caricature of care that is the Liverpool Care Pathway.

In August 2012 Margaret Smyth was killed on the Liverpool Care Pathway. This is her story...

Margaret - Eddie and Annette's Story - Part 1.

Margaret - Eddie and Annette's Story - Part 2.

Margaret - Eddie and Annette's Story - Part 3.

Margaret - Eddie and Annette's Story - Part 4.

Margaret: Eddie and Annette's Story - Part Five (of Five)

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  1. The commencement of this wicked protocol, not only signals the destruction of the unfortunate individual sentenced, but may also signal the beginning of the insidious and relentless destruction of those loved ones left behind.
    If I were to deny a dog food and water, and the dog was to die as a consequence, I should expect to appear in court, and be vilified in the press, and rightly so.
    It would seem today, that the rights of the elderly, and the vulnerable in our society, now warrant less regard, and consideration, than those of the nations fauna.
    I would like to know, where is the voice of the Church on this matter?
    What can be more important for the Church, than to address the murder of the innocent, sanctioned by the government.
    What can be more important for human rights campaigners, who speak of the denial of the right of those in far off foreign lands, than to clamor for the rights of their own people. People denied the most basic, and fundamental of human rights, the right to life!
    These are people without a voice, and we must try to ensure , by our best efforts, that they are given that voice.
    We must be their voice!
    James McElwee.