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Liverpool Care Pathway - Lost Upon A Pathway

This is the state we're in. The patient is no longer a person but a category and we have lost our way upon a pathway.

Dr. Bee Wee, president of the Association for Palliative Medicine, has been responsible for the catastrophic programme of training in rolling out the LCP.

The June 2010 Macmillan End of Life Care Newsletter shares the National End of Life Care Programme logo and is published by NHS.

 This describes a new e-learning package for End of Life Care –
"Nearly all health and social care staff need training of some sort in end of life care. A new e-learning package aims to offer just that"
We are talking about someone dying. In the context of End of Life training, it is inappropriate and, quite simply, offensive to describe the training offered as being "easy, fun and free". It is so described.

Dr. Bee Wee certainly seems to be 'having fun' in this photo-shoot picture from the Newsletter.

Please read further here.

Dr. Wee has been appointed as an adviser to the NHS on end of life care.

This is Dr. Wee:
“We must continue to improve end of life care for patients, their families and close friends wherever they are; at home, in hospital, in care homes, hospices and other places where people die.
“Crucially, we must ensure that the best care is available when patients and families are at their most vulnerable – often out of hours, especially at night and at weekends."
Dr. Wee, we must improve care, full stop. Why is your focus on providing a 'good death' when it is plainly clear and obvious there is no provision for providing a good life?

The Sunday Express headlines today:


2,500 hospital deaths 'avoidable'

More than 500 patients have died needlessly at a hospital in the past two years with up to 2,500 avoidable deaths over the past decade, it was claimed.

Basildon Hospital in Essex is already being investigated in the wake of the Stafford Hospital scandal. Peter Walsh of Action for Victims of Medical Accidents told the Sunday Express: "We have had more people come to us about Basildon than any of the other 13 trusts."
Second World War veteran Fred Harris, 90, died after being treated at the hospital. His granddaughter Sharon Walsh, 47, said he was shunted between nine wards over a 12-day period while staff failed to properly treat an MRSA-infected leg wound that he developed there.
She told the paper: "With every move he got weaker and weaker. They treated him like luggage. In the end he lost the will to live, but he told us just before he died that we should complain, saying 'Don't let it happen to anyone else'."
Emma Jones of law firm Leigh Day, who represented 120 victims of abuse at Stafford Hospital, is currently investigating 10 separate allegations of abuse at Basildon Hospital. She said: "The stories we are hearing from our clients in Basildon are depressingly similar to those we heard from victims at Stafford Hospital and the 20 hospitals from around the UK at which we are currently investigating allegations of abuse.
"There does appear to be a significant issue at Basildon Hospital based on the number of inquiries we have received. We are working hard with our clients and those groups committed to patient safety to ensure these allegations of abuse are thoroughly investigated."
The PAG warns of another Mid Staffs in South London and you are urged to sign their petition, details opposite -

South London Healthcare trust: 
Independent external Enquiry


This hospital is as dangerous as The Mid Staffordshire hospital, Many patients are dying needlessly, the elderly are treated apallingly the elderly wards look like something from the concentration camp, these wonderful elderly people who fought for this country die without care and dignity.
Many are put on Liverpool care pathway but the families at times are not informed or their permission not given. This involves withdrawing food, water and medication and many take days to die ALONE in a sideroom. It is a cruel, slow terryfying death to watch and listen too.
There are severe shortages of vital equipment endangering patients safety. Critical bed shortages, In April there were 36 critical beds needed and none were available. This is not the first time  it will not be the last- this will equal patient deaths- needless deaths.
15 plus Ambulances at times are queuing with patient on board.
Doctors, Nurses and staff are constantly bullied, harassed and intimidated by managers and those that were put in place to protect them- if they dare to speak of  their fears about patient safety, they find they are suspended, investigated or sacked-they live in constant fear of reprisal. The safety issues are throughout the hospital.
Previous Medical director Roger Smith  has been reported to GMC for failing to protect patients on many occasions as patients have died, but he has not been suspended pending investigation, there is a catalogue of complaints relating to him.
The wait in A.E is exceeding the 4 hour wait at times up to 18 hours = lives will be lost.
Patients sent home with wrong diagnosis from A.E time and time again.
Patients being sent home too early to free up beds,only to have to return back to hospital
Staff shortages endangering patients lives. At times there are 20 patients to 1 senior staff member.
Junior doctors 6 months into their first year, left in charge of high dependancy patients. = Danger to patients.
Patients continuously moved from ward to ward- especially the elderly.
This Trust without doubt needs and Independant external Enquiry- for the safety of the patients and the staff. All these serious issues have been raised time and time again over 4 years.  SOMEONE MUST NOW BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE

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