Thursday, 18 April 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Because They Know They Can...

How dare they!
How dare they...?

Because they know they can do so.

Despite the hue and cry raised by Denise Charlesworth-Smith...
Despite a national review set up, upon which Denise sits...
Despite a local review to which Denise made representations...

Kings Mill Hospital has continued and continues to make the news.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - Still Up And Running

Whilst much busying has been apace setting up the review, it has been easy to overlook the stark fact that the LKP is still up and running, about its deadly business. And, back in Sutton-in-Ashfield, in the pleasant Nottinghamshire countryside, Kings Mill Hospital has hit the news once again.

Denise once described the LCP as "legalised euthanasia".
Knowing they may act with impunity, they continue to do so. 
This is -

By Helen Beighton 
THE daughters of a Mansfield pensioner have been left devastated after discovering that she died when doctors put her on the Liverpool Care Pathway without telling them
Janet Hayes died at King’s Mill Hospital in July 2012, aged 88, following seven months of spells in and out of hospital with various health issues.
But it was only when her daughters requested her medical notes after her death, that they discovered Janet, formerly of Alcock Avenue, Mansfield, had been put on the controversial end-of-life plan by hospital staff.
Daughter Kate Bell, of Worcester Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse, said: “She was poorly, she had a lot of problems, but at the end of the day, they put my mum on that pathway and they didn’t tell me.
“It makes us feel like we let her down.”
Janet had been an independent woman who still lived in her own home before suffering a mini stroke in December 2011. It was only after undergoing an operation following this that her health problems began to get worse.
She suddenly needed to be on oxygen for 16 hours a day and had pneumonia twice.
She spent time in King’s Mill, a nursing home and Mansfield Community Hospital, but then fell at home and broke her hip in June 2012.
She underwent a successful operation and seemed to be recovering well.
The weekend before she died she was even taken out for lunch, but from the Monday, her daughters never saw her out of bed and think that from she was not given food, drink for at least three days.
It was only on reading her medical notes after she had died that they realised Janet had been put on the Liverpool Care Pathway.
Daughter Christine Bell, of Kirton, said: “We didn’t sign anything - nobody even asked us or mentioned it.
“There was no family meeting where they sat us down and said, Liverpool Pathway.”
The family had raised a number of concerns about Janet’s care at King’s Mill but are very angry that her end-of-life care was not discussed.
“I am disgusted,” said Kate.
“I want them to guarantee that they won’t ever put anyone else on it without consulting relatives first.”
“We feel that right through it all, we were not told the truth,” Christine added.
Dr Mark Roberts, clinical lead for End-of-Life Care at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said that they have responded to Mrs Hayes’ family’s concerns personally but for reasons of patient confidentiality, they are unable to comment on the care of individual patients.
He said they aim to provide dignified care in a caring environment.
“We are committed to improving care and people’s choices at the end-of-life and have introduced a number of clinical initiatives designed to further support end-of-life care, with more work planned for the coming months,” he said.
“The end-of-life process is unique to each person. We provide expertise and compassion focused on the needs of individuals, with or without the Liverpool Care Pathway, and put into place appropriate physical and emotional support for them and their carers, either from a hospital setting or within community care. The Pathway helps to focus care towards end-of-life, but is not an essential part of managing dying patients.”

Never forget. The LCP is the LKP, a Licence to Kill People...

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