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Liverpool Care Pathway - The BMA Tweets

This is BMA -
Medical Students Committee Conference

Event details
Date: 5 April 2013Audiences: 
Medical Students
Location: London
The BMA's 2013 Medical Students Conference is a two day event taking place on 5 - 6 April 2012 at BMA House, London.
Medical students from across the UK will gather to set policy for the coming year. Resolutions passed at conference will form the basis of the BMA's campaigning. As a student member of the BMA, attending this conference offers you a great opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns and have your voice heard.
If you cannot attend in person, ensure you watch the live webcast on both days and interact with the live blog.
Make sure you don't miss out!

Media Coverage at Conference

You should be aware that there may be journalists present at Conference, and what you say may well be reported, both in the BMA media and in national press. As a result, you must think carefully about what you say to ensure that you do not bring the BMA into disrepute, or leave yourself open to legal proceedings.

Debating Part 1 of the Agenda
Friday, 5 April 2013

Medical Ethics

101. OXF1001 Motion by OXFORD MEDICAL SCHOOL This Conference notes:

        i)   That a doctor’s first obligation is to do no harm;
        ii)  That the issues surrounding end of life care are contentious and emotive;
        iii) That, in certain situations, the withdrawal of life prolonging treatment is
             generally well accepted in UK medical practice under the Liverpool Care
        iv) That the ‘Daily Mail’ published a lengthy series of articles critical of the
             Liverpool Care Pathway, suggesting that it is utilised as a money-making
        v) That the ‘Daily Mail’ enjoys the second largest readership in the UK.

        This Conference believes:
        i) That the UK has further to go on the provision of end-of-life care, and
            improving this should be a priority;
        ii) That the cynical media coverage by the ‘Daily Mail’ is damaging to not only
            palliative care in the UK but also to the doctor-patient relationship and
            potentially to the NHS as a whole.

        This Conference resolves:
        i) That the BMA issues a robust statement of support for both the Liverpool 
             Care Pathway and palliative care in the NHS in order to go some way to 
            regaining the confidence of the British public.

On Twitter, there have been various tweets from this event with the hash-tag #studentslive --

The tweetings on Twitter:
@Quinnfeld "Motion 101: To issue a robust statement of support for the Liverpool Care Pathway. #LCP #StudentsLive "
@CrashCall "Unanimous vote in favour of statement strongly in favour of the LCP, in light of erroneous and damaging press stories. #StudentsLive "
@PeterDMurray "Very pleased @BMAstudents unanimously endorsed the Liverpool Care Pathway & rejected lies propagated by tabloid media outlets #studentslive "
@RoseTintdScrubs "@mailonline 's disgraceful attacks on #LCP condemned in first unanimously passed motion. #studentslive "
Is this, truly, the next generation of doctors…?

Good Sirs, good Ladies, you bring yourselves into disrepute, if not the BMA. You insult the victims and loved ones who have suffered at the hands of your colleagues and your wretched, damnable Pathway!

Even arch LCP apologist, Norman Lamb, could not keep the lid on it and had to call the 'Review' to apply a coat of whitewash!

May it come to pass, and one day soon, that they shall be hauled before the courts of this land and your Pathway will be consigned to the medical history books listed as one of the greatest follies of the 21st century...

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