Saturday, 20 April 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - "Absolutely Appalling"

The medical team is obliged to inform, according to published guidelines, but they do not require permission. It is their decision.

This is the GMC 
End of life treatment and care: 
Good practice in decision-making 
A draft for consultation 

42.  You should aim to reach a consensus about what treatment and care would be of overall benefit to the patient. If disagreements arise, either between those close to a patient and the healthcare team, or between you and other members of the healthcare team, and they cannot be resolved through informal processes or independent review (Consent: patients and doctors making decisions together paragraph 77), you must seek legal advice about applying to the appropriate court or statutory body for a ruling. You should alert, as early as possible, the patient or those acting for them and those with an interest in their welfare, so that they have the opportunity to participate or be represented.

This is BBC News - Essex 

Mrs Stuart, 67, went in for respite care and found herself placed on the LCP.

She telephoned her husband to tell him her wishes not to be placed on the LCP were being ignored.

He said she was then talked into accepting the LCP and deteriorated rapidly from then on.

Mr Stuart says: "When I raised objections I was told very bluntly this is a medical decision, you have no choice in the matter," 

"What is being done with the Liverpool Care Pathway is absolutely appalling, it needs to be made public and people made aware of it."

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