Thursday, 11 April 2013

Liverpool Care Pathway - By Execution Of Judgement

Death - By act of clinical error or by execution of clinical judgement that not all life is worthy of life...?

It might be simpler to juxtapose the questions,
Was this a tragic act of clinical negligence...
Or the connived act of clinical execution?

The Agents of Death who see themselves in the vastly different garb of Angels of Compassion will justify such acts accordingly. It still bears the rank smell of eugenics.

This is Mail Online -

[Hanna's] mother Naseem Akhtar, from Sheffield said she initially believed her daughter had lost the fight for life against rare genetic condition Edwards' Syndrome, with which she had been born less than two months earlier.

But she was later told detectives were investigating whether Hanna was given 10 times too much morphine in Sheffield Children's Hospital, a 3.5mg dose instead of the correct 0.35mg.

An inquest has been opened and a police spokesman confirmed: 'South Yorkshire Police is currently investigating the death of a two-month-old child following admission to Sheffield Children's Hospital.

'The investigation regarding the administration of a controlled drug is ongoing, and officers are waiting for the results of a pathology report.'

A hospital spokeswoman said: 'We have been notified by the police that they are investigating a death at the hospital on December 17. As this is a police investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment further.'

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