Saturday, 24 November 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – A One-Sided Pathway

Jeremy Vine's BBC Radio 2 programme on Tuesday 20th was advertised to feature -

JEREMY VINELeaving jail and watching porn

Jeremy discusses leaving prison, porn, the Liverpool Care Pathway and women bishops. FIRST BROADCAST: 20 Nov 2012

A fine old mixture of topics. Our public broadcaster could be accused of false advertising because this was far from an objective look at the LCP.

What was broadcast was an interview with Dr. Kate Granger with supporting cast phoning in. A clip, restyled - In praise of the Liverpool Care Pathway is still available to access.

These comments on Face book pages are particularly pertinent:

Comment on the anti-LCP groups on Facebook - "So we hear from a Doctor/Cancer patient who is (in her own words) "on borrowed time"; she says her health has more recently started to decline and she is taking the opportunity to do as much as she can in the time she has left and seems to be completing a personal "bucket list" of sorts - and then we hear another 2 callers who were happy in the use of the LCP for their loved ones, more importantly were KEPT INFORMED and gave CONSENT. A few texts/emails read out about misuse of LCP but no acknowledgement for the fact that it HAS been and IS being used WITHOUT consent and on patients that are NOT dying or terminally ill. Incidentally, when is Dr Granger going on the LCP then? When she has had a chance to do everything she wants, say goodbye to everyone she wants and generally come to terms with "dying"? Because A LOT of people DIDN'T GET THAT CHANCE!"

Comment to BBC Radio 2 on Facebook - "Re: Liverpool Care Pathway discussed on Jeremy Vine's show - you took calls from people who were happy with and gave consent for the use of the LCP in their loved ones' final day's, as well as having a lengthy conversation with a doctor/terminal cancer patient who is also able to make this decision and give consent for LCP use when she herself is deemed to be "in her last days of life" ... However; please consider those families who have had someone put on the LCP WITHOUT consent, and who perhaps were not even "diagnosed" as "dying" (if this is even possible to know for sure) or suffering with an illness which was terminal. These are not isolated cases; please take a look at this petition with 300+ signatures and read some of the comments from people who have suffered such devastating losses"

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  1. In recent months I have posted quite reasonable comments expressing quite reasonable concerns about the LCP on relevant topics on BBC's Have Your Say. Every comment has been deleted by the mods and comments that were allowed were largely in favour of euthanasia and the LCP. It seemed to me that there was clearly some form of censorship of criticisms of the LCP on the BBC.