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Liverpool Care Pathway – Elsie's Law

Elsie's Law Petition Appeal

The law would mean doctors would have to consult more widely before instigating “end of life” care.

Petition to fight against involuntary euthansia -

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Elsie’s Law campaign at Number 10

PETITION: Bridget and Ann ReevesPETITION: Bridget and Ann Reeves
THE GRIEVING daughter of an elderly woman who died in a hospital investigated over the deaths of some of its patients led a protest march to Downing Street yesterday.
The mother of Ann Reeves, 88-yearold Elsie Devine, was one of 92 patients who died at Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Gosport, Hampshire, in the late 1990s and whose deaths police investigated.
Mrs Reeves, of the Gosport War Memorial Hospital Action Group, and her daughter Bridget headed a 30- strong march from the Law Courts in Aldwych to Downing Street, where they handed in a petition calling for tighter rules governing the care of the elderly, known as “Elsie’s Law”.
The law would mean doctors would have to consult more widely before instigating “end of life” care.
An inquest into the deaths found that Dr Jane Barton prescribed painkilling drugs, which contributed to the deaths of five patients, at the hospital during that time.
Earlier this year, the General Medical Council (GMC) also ruled Dr Barton, who has since retired, was guilty of multiple instances of professional misconduct relating to 12 patients, but she was not struck off.
Mrs Reeves said: “My mother was not dying.
“Dr Barton administered drugs without justification or logic.”
Last month, the Crown Prosecution Service said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Dr Barton.

Gladys Richards Gosport War

Memorial Hospital death: Inquiry

date set

Gladys Richards, 91, died after being injected with painkilling drugs at the hospital.
Gladys RichardsHer inquest will take place at Portsmouth Coroners Court between 5 and 15 December 2012.
Inquests into 10 other deaths found that drugs were a contributory factor in some cases.
Police files on the 10 deaths were submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service in 2006, but none ended in a prosecution.
At the time of her death Mrs Richards had been admitted to the hospital while her family tried to find her a care home.

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  1. Thank you for this powerful video. I've signed the petition. What a shocking mess our country is in when we treat elderly people - and sometimes young ones too - in such a disgusting manner. No one in the public sector or among the political class ever seems to be held responsible for their misdeeds in Britain these days. What a disgrace we've become.